Removing a Hold

SIS Hold and Removing a Hold

A hold may be placed on your student record that restricts access to university services, including registration, transcripts, and/or diploma.  

Following are the most common holds and how to remove them.  

Code Reason for Hold How to Remove Hold
B01 Past-due student account Log in to SIS to make a payment.
B04  Student loan exit interview required  Log in to Heartland ECSI to complete exit interview or contact Loans at 216.368.5931 or
B08 Account assigned to Collections Contact Collections at 216.368.2226 or
B11 or B15 Financial Responsibility Agreement Log in to SIS and complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement.  Instructions can be found at SIS Financial Guide.
B17 Not Eligible For Payment Plan Log in to SIS to make a payment to clear your past due amount. This hold will be removed within 24 hours. 
REG Registration advising hold Please see your academic adviser.