Forms (Students)

The following is a collection of common forms used by Student Financial Services.  


Form Purpose

When a payment is delayed for unforeseen reasons, a student may petition to waive the applicable late fee after all other charges are paid.  Please review the account activity or statement of account in SIS for late fee information.

Students with financial aid, including department aid processed by payroll deduction, should contact the financial aid office or department administrator before submitting this form.  The financial aid office or department administrator will request a late fee waiver if the delay is due to processing delays.  

Decisions are made within five (5) business days and communicated by email to the student.

Certain situations arise when a student is unable to make a payment in full or bring their account current. A student may petition for a temporary release of their financial hold to register for the upcoming term/semester.  

A student should consult with the financial aid office for available student loan options or other aid options or consult with our office prior to submitting the form.  A student is expected to make an initial payment at the time of the petition, normally at fifty (50) percent of the outstanding balance, and the remainder of the outstanding balance is expected to be paid within 30 days of the petition being approved.

Please also review the Student Accounts Past Due Policy related to Holds Appeal prior to submitting the form.

Petitions (appeals) submitted after the second day of classes for the intended registration term (per the Academic Calendar) will be denied.

Decisions are made within five (5) business days after the payment holding period of the initial payment and communicated by email to the student.  That means, it can take up to 15 business days for this process.  Please plan accordingly, based on this timeline.

Case Western Reserve University produces a 1098-T tax form to U.S. citizen and permanent residents.  The form is produced based on the student's citizenship status in SIS at the time of reporting (mid-January for the previous tax year). 

The university is not required to produce a 1098-T Tax Form to non-resident alien students.  However, the university will provide the tax form to those students upon their request.  Please complete the form for the desired tax year. 

For those students whose citizenship status was updated after the forms are initially produced and a 1098-T Tax Form is needed, please complete the request form.

For additional information on the tax form, please see 1098-T Tax Information.

The university partners with Heartland ECSI to administer and manage CWRU-Held student loans.  Entitlement (deferment, forbearance, service cancellation) forms are processed by Heartland ECSI.  Please call Heartland ECSI at 1.888.549.3274 or visit their website [] to download forms and for additional instructions.