Authorizing a User

Students can grant access to another individual by making that person an Authorized User of the Student Information System. Authorized users with financial access can view the bill, billing history, account activity, pending aid, and can make an online payment. Authorized users with access to Student Center also can waive the health fee. If the student would like a third party to have access to these services, simply add the individual as an authorized user using the instructions below.

Set Up Authorized Users

From the Student Home in SIS, click the Profile tile, and then the Authorized Users button.

This will bring you to the Authorized Guest Setup screen. Use this screen to set up an authorized user account for parents, spouses, or other third parties who you would like to have access to:

  • Finances
  • Academic Information
  • Student Home

Authorized users with Finances access can view your bill, billing history, account activity, view 1098-T, and pending aid and can make an online payment.

Authorized users with access to Student Home also can waive the student medical plan or the One to One Fitness membership, but can not view the 1098-T.

For complete step-by-step instructions, please visit the SIS Resources page. 

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Removing Authorized Users

Authorized User account may be removed (disabled) by the student.  From the Student Home in SIS, click the Profiles Tile, and then the Authorized Users button.  

This will bring you to a screen with a list of authorized users.  Select the Review/Edit button of the account you wish to remove/disable.  On the next screen at the top right hand corner, click on the box Lock User and then click on the Save button.


All third parties must be set up as authorized users per FERPA compliance in order for Student Financial Services to speak in detail regarding an student's financial account.