Billing Statement

The student financial account is a financial record of a student's tuition, fees, room and board, miscellaneous charges, payments, financial aid, and miscellaneous credits.  Those financial records are included in the billing statement (also referred to as an invoice). The billing statement will include financial transactions (charges, credits, and pending financial aid available) since the previous billing cycle. Subsequent billing statements will only reflect new charges and payments/credits.

The university uses a paperless tuition billing system, which means billing statements are available online through SIS. Instead of mailing a paper bill, the student, including their financial authorized user(s), will receive a billing notification via email, typically around 4pm on a billing date. The message notifies the student and their financial authorized user(s) that new billing information is available and provides the access link,

Billing statements are only generated for accounts with financial transactions during the billing period or if there is a balance (debit balance, credit balance, or accounts with pending financial aid (if applicable)). Billing statements are NOT generated for accounts with no financial transactions during the billing period and are paid in full.  For a summary of activities for a term/semester, please use the Statement of Account page in the Financial Account section of the Student Home in SIS.

Contact Information

Detailed records are maintained by various departments and offices of the university. For detailed information concerning items or transactions appearing on a student's financial account and billing statement, please contact the appropriate department/office listed at Common Fees and Transactions.

Methods of Payment

The university accepts various methods of payments for a student's financial account. The preferred method of payment is electronically (online), which can be accessed by the student or their authorized financial user in the Student Information System (SIS). Electronic payments can be in the form of an Electronic Check (e-check), Debit Card, Credit Card, or International Wire Transfer. Other methods of payments include on-campus, U.S. Mail or Courier. Some forms of payments, such as debit card, credit card, or international wire transfer, may include a service and/or transaction fee, please view Payment Options for more information.

Student Financial Responsibility

A student who has an outstanding indebtedness to the university may have a financial "hold" on their student financial account. A late payment fee is assessed if the account is not paid by the due date and not current in a payment plan. If a student or their authorized financial user disputes a portion of the bill, the undisputed portion should be paid by the due date and the appropriate office should be contacted by email to request an adjustment. The university reserves the right to refer any account over 90 days past due to a collection agency. The individual (student) may be responsible for any costs associated with the collection of their past due student financial account including, but not limited to, collection agency costs, court costs, and legal fees.

The university redeposit returned checks automatically and without notice. Penalties of up to $50 per occurrence may be charged to the student's financial account for checks returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds (NSF checks). When a check is returned, the university reserves the right to request payment by cash or certified funds.

Please refer to the Student Accounts Past Due Policy for more information on financial holds and returned payments. 

View Billing Statement

To access the most current billing statement, please perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to SIS at
  2. Click the "Finances" tile on the Student Home and then the "Financial Account" tile. 
  3. Click the "CWRUpay" link.
  4. You are now on the "Account Summary" page of the billing and payment system. In the Statement tab, click on the Statement date. 


  • Clicking the "CWRUpay" link will open a new window into the billing and payment system. Please ensure any pop-up blockers are temporarily disabled.
  • To obtain a summary of all charges and credits for a term/semester, please see the Statement of Account page. 
  • Students or their authorized financial user(s) are authenticated from SIS into the billing and payment system (CWRUpay).  Bookmark of the billing and payment system webpage will cause log in error.  Students or their authorized financial user(s) should log in to SIS at and select the CWRUpay link or tile.