Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition Refund Insurance, referred to as the Tuition Protection Plan, is an optional insurance that students or families may purchase for a fee before the start of the semester.  It provides reimbursement of expenses paid for tuition, fees, and room and board to a student or policyholder (if other than the student) if the student MUST withdraw (physician recommendation) from all classes due to an illness, injury, or a psychological condition*.  Tuition Protection Plan protects the significant financial investment a student makes in tuition at the university.  The university has negotiated with GradGuard to provide families with tuition insurance featuring special plans and rates not available to the general public.

Please be advised that residency, COVID-19, and other exclusions may apply, and please reach out directly to GradGuard for coverage clarification.

Please visit GradGuard to receive a free quote.  This is OPTIONAL and the fee is paid directly to GradGuard.  The university receives no compensation by GradGuard.

Open enrollment for the Tuition Protection Plan closes on the add/drop deadline for each semester, the deadlines can be found in the the Academic Calendar.  Students or families may visit GradGuard or call 1.866.724.4384 to enroll in the Tuition Protection Plan.  

Students or families may purchase one or multiple coverage period(s).  For example, insurance purchased for the fall semester covers courses taken only in the fall.  Insurance can be purchased for both fall and spring semester at the beginning of the fall semester.  Tuition Protection Plan becomes effective at the start of the semester and extends until the end of the final exams period.


Tuition Protection Plan may be purchased up to the cost of attendance.  The university suggests students and their families select coverage amounts that covers non-refundable costs (that is tuition, fees and room and board minus scholarships or grants).  Please see the Tuition & Fees based on the student's level of study (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) or area of study.

If you purchased Tuition Refund Insurance and need to file a claim, please call GradGuard at 1.866.724.4384 to begin the claim process.  Filing a claim is independent of the university's withdrawal process.  Students must contact their respective deans and registrars to withdraw from all their courses as soon as possible.

Last modified:  5/20/24