AI - Artificial Intelligence

University Technology offers many services and applications related to Generative AI. Below are some AI technologies available to the campus community.

Note: Consumer AI services, especially free ones, often collect the data you enter into them and use that data in their training models. This can lead to your data being made available via these AI services. Never put sensitive university information into an AI service if the university does not have a contract with the AI vendor with proper privacy and security safeguards. The university offers AI services that will protect your data. Use those services when sensitive information is involved.


Services with No Charge

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a generative AI Chatbot very similar to OpenAI’s. Like the paid version of OpenAI, it uses the GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo models to provide answers. It also has access to the internet to provide up-to-date information. Sign in with your university email and passphrase so your data will be protected: encrypted at rest and transmission and anonymized both from Microsoft and CWRU. Note: this service does not meet regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, so it should not be used for data with compliance requirements. Copilot is freely available to the campus community.

Zoom AI Companion

Zoom has many AI features built into it, such as meeting summaries and catching up on what you missed when joining a meeting late. You can turn on these features for your Zoom account by logging into, clicking "Settings" in the left menu, and selecting the "AI Companion" tab. Zoom AI Companion is freely available to faculty, staff, and students.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a web-based photo, video, and PDF editor. It has generative AI features such as text-to-image and generative fill. Log in with your university email and passphrase. Adobe Express is freely available to faculty, staff, and students.

CWRU Azure AI Portal

This beta portal is hosted by the university. Data entered into the portal are not shared outside the university. Currently, this portal does not meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, so data with those requirements should not be entered into the service. UTech plans to release a production version of this service which may meet some compliance requirements. Check back here for updates. Currently, there is no charge for this service. A chargeback model may apply when it is offered as an official campus service.


Services with Additional Charges

GitHub Enterprise Copilot

GitHub Enterprise is the official university programming code repository available to the campus community at no additional cost. GitHub Copilot is an optional add-on that uses generative AI to assist developers with coding. There is a per user per month fee. Contact the UTech Service Desk at if you are interested. This service is available to faculty and staff.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Gemini for Google Workspace

Both Microsoft and Google offer AI assistants for their collaboration suites (Microsoft Office and Google Workspace). These AI assistants do things like summarize documents, compose documents, etc. UTech is currently piloting these services with a set of early adopters. Depending on feedback, licenses may be offered later this year. If licenses are made available, there will be an annual fee per user.


AI Consultation and Special Services

UTech has access to AI services from various vendors, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, that could assist with faculty research and special AI-based projects. These services typically involve a consumption based charge. If you have a project that might benefit from these types of services, email the UTech Service Desk at In your email, ask that the request be assigned to the "AI Consultation" group and briefly describe the nature of your project or question.