Duo to Feature New Universal Prompt

Duo announced it is changing its look and will add some new features as of March 30. The familiar two-factor prompt you see when logging in to important CWRU web applications will be phased out in the coming weeks, and replaced with Duo's new Universal Prompt, which has a more minimalist look. The traditional prompt will continue to work, but will be phased out gradually to prevent any interruption to CWRU services.

This screenshots below show the visual change with the "Universal Prompt" compared to the Traditional Prompt.

“Traditional Prompt” shows a screen-capture of the “Traditional”  DUO look when prompted by a CWRU web service prompting for a 2nd authentication factor. Text displayed along top of the box: Authentication with DUO is required for the requested Service”.  Medium size box with three stacked horizontal bars saying “Settings”.  Three green boxes are displayed with the following options that read “Send me a push”, “Call Me”, “Enter a passcode”, including a small check box which reads “Remember me for 120 hours”.  Link: “Cancel this request.”

“Universal Prompt” shows a screen-capture of the upcoming change to Duo’s look and feel, when a CWRU web service gives a prompt to send a 2nd authentication factor, such as a Duo Push to the user’s mobile device. The background is white, and reads “Check for a Duo Push. Verify it’s you by approving the notification. Sent to ‘Android’ (***-***-6489). Link: Other Options. Link: Need help?”

When presented with the Universal Prompt, you will have the following options:

  • Check for a Duo Push (Default): Check your mobile device for a Duo Push prompt and approve it.
  • Navigate to "Other Options" to choose:
    • Duo Push
    • Duo mobile Passcode (check the Duo app on your mobile device for the passcode)
    • Text Messenger Passcode (Sends a text message to your mobile number)
    • Phone Call (answer the phone and acknowledge the Duo prompt via keypad)
    • Bypass Code (Only provided with ID verification and ISO approval for long term codes)
[Alt-Text: Screenshot of the Duo Universal Prompt other options to login: “DUO Push”, “Duo Mobile Passcode”, “Text message Passcode”, “Phone call”, “Bypass Code”.  Link: Need help?]

Duo is not limited to one device, it is possible to have multiple devices registered to a Duo account to provide other device options to be set up for more authentication options. If there are questions on this additional setup, the ISO and Help Desk can provide further information.