Hybrid Work & Google Calendar

With our new hybrid working arrangements comes the challenge of figuring out who is on campus when. Luckily, Google Calendar has some features to help! Turning them on is simple:

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose Settings
  • Choose "Working hours & location" on the left side
  • Choose either or both of the enable working hours and enable working location options

Check Enable working hours to specify the days and times that you normally work. Different times can be specified for each day, or even multiple time ranges for a split-shift. The meeting scheduling tool will show you as unavailable during your non-working hours. If someone tries to schedule a meeting outside of the set working hours, they will see a notification. This feature is meant to represent your "typical" work week and applies across your entire calendar. It cannot be customized from week-to-week. When your schedule changes, update your new hours and it will apply from that point.

Check Enable working location to specify your Home or Office for each day of the week. This settings allows you to specify your default location for each day based on your approved hybrid work plan. Your location, as well as the location of any other calendars you have open, will appear at the top of each day in your calendar. This information is available to anyone with access to your calendar's free/busy information. You can override the location of an individual date by clicking on it. Do you have multiple offices or labs? You can even set custom locations. The information you specify in the settings is the default that applies to any day that you have not made an explicit selection.

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