Improving Delivery of Legitimate Email and Reducing Spoofing, Phishing and Spam

During the week of May 20, University Technology ([U]Tech) will make changes to how it verifies and reacts to emails that are not properly authenticated. These actions reflect an industry-wide shift toward protecting email recipients from malicious messages (spoofing and phishing messages) as well as protect you and Case Western Reserve University from being impersonated. Read a recent announcement about efforts associated with Gmail changes about sending email from CWRU to Google. This change will act on the email received by the university to ensure delivery of legitimate email.

There are no actions end users need to take as a result of these changes. Valid emails being accepted by the university will not be impacted. However, users should see a significant reduction in spam, spoofing and phishing messages once these changes are deployed.

[U]Tech is committed to continually making changes to its email infrastructure to properly authenticate and adhere to best practices to successfully and securely deliver and accept legitimate email.

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