Unlimited Google Storage Will End in July 2024 For All CWRU Users

Google will be ending its unlimited storage feature for all Google Workspace customers in July 2024, applying a storage cap across all customers’ data. Case Western Reserve University will need to reduce its Google Workspace storage by approximately 75%. As a result, the campus community must begin to reduce its storage consumption as soon as possible.

Although this change is two years away, due to the magnitude of the reduction, please examine your storage in Google My Drive, Google Shared Drives, Gmail and Google Photos and delete anything that is no longer needed.

Find out how much CWRU Google cloud storage you are using and how to download your data from Google.

In accordance with the university’s acceptable use policy, members of the CWRU community are to use “technology resources in connection with the university’s core teaching, research and service missions.” If you are storing significant amounts of non-institutional data—such as personal data or data for another institution—within Google Workspace, please move it to a non-CWRU storage provider, such as a personal storage service or a local hard drive or flash drive.

Over the next two years, UTech will be reaching out to individuals with particularly high storage in Google to discuss if all of their data is still needed and to offer possible alternate storage locations.

Please stay tuned for more updates regarding this change in Google storage and its impact on CWRU’s policies for Google Workspace.

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