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MediaVision Courseware creates an integrated learning environment on the web for select classes and enables students to watch streaming video of previous lectures or review sessions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students can replay an entire lecture or view only the portions of the lecture they would like to see based on the results of a keyword search.

MediaVision Courseware was first launched in the fall of 2003 to support a single freshman chemistry course. Today, 50 - 70 MediaVision courses were offered serving more than half of the undergraduate student population on campus. We attribute this growth to the value that MediaVision Courseware adds both to the faculty in their delivery of teaching and to the students in their consumption of learning.

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About MediaVision Courseware

MediaVision Courseware is an advanced research and learning outcomes project produced and supported by University Technology, [U]Tech at Case Western Reserve University. Working with large, introductory and lecture-style undergraduate courses, MediaVision uses advanced multimedia learning tools to support learning success and enhance teaching. Elements of a typical MediaVision Courseware project includes searchable digital video recordings of lectures, review sessions, and homework assistance; MP3 audio recordings; and integrated on-line textbook and supplementary reading. Working with our faculty and faculty support team, the MediaVision Courseware production team creates an integrated learning environment on the Web. We begin with integrating traditional course management system tools with our commitment to learning outcomes and student success. We record lectures and review sessions. These materials are encoded for network distribution; classified, indexed and "published" to the web with the help of subject matter experts. Video content in the MediaVision Courseware vault are then nested inside the integrated learning environment online where they are accessed by students. Students can, for example, choose to replay an entire lecture or, more powerfully, view only the portions of the lecture they would like to see based on the results of a key word search. In our pilot productions MediaVision Courseware, linking video to text materials, review materials, reusable and retrievable examples of key concepts and terms, and online reference materials have helped student succeed in key undergraduate courses. Evaluations of both learning outcomes and student satisfaction have been consistently positive and deemed valuable by students and faculty alike.