Video Projector

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Multimedia Projector 2500 Lumen Class

Multimedia Projector: 2,500 Lumens: $165.00

The projector industry has exploded as notebook computers and multimedia projectors have replaced slide trays and transparencies in conference rooms everywhere.

Video Projector

Multimedia Projector: 5,000 Lumens: $220.00

The effectiveness of your presentation depends on the audience being able to see it clearly. A high quality multimedia projector can make the difference between a presentation that sings or falls flat.

Overhead Document Projector

Overhead Document Camera: $55.00

Think of a document camera as a 21st century overhead projector . . . sort of. Well, it looks and acts somewhat like an overhead projector. However, unlike traditional overhead projectors that use mirrors and light tables, document cameras use a high-resolution video camera for display.