Consultation Services

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UTech Research Computing staff are available to engage Case researchers by explaining the utility of Case computational services and resources for their particular needs.

Availability + Service Expectations

  • Consultation is currently available to Case faculty and principal investigators for academic and research purposes.
  • RCCI-managed services include:
    • Award Consultation: pre- and post-award, including
      • Data management consultation
      • Funding-agency application consultation
      • Post-award data management solutions
    • Cyberinfrastructure Consultation
      • Network assessments and planning for laboratory instrumentation
      • Computational architecture and deployment
    • Data Management
      • Secure Data Handling
      • Research Dedicated Storage
      • Database Design

Associated RCCI Resources + Services


  • Big Data Cluster - RCCI can provide a separate cluster to work on Big Data by constructing the cluster with Cloudera Hadoop. Applications in this environment include: HDFS/Yarn, HBase, Spark, Hive, etc.
  • Secured Research Environment - RCCI provides a secured research environment to keep and to analyze protected data under PII, FISMA and HIPAA. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the link above.


  • Data Management - A key component of research data management plans is the archiving of data, samples and other research products, and the preservation of access to them. ITS can help Principal Investigators identify the requirements that must be satisfied by any data storage solution for data created as part of the data management and data sharing plans.
  • External Resources - While our resource serves well for many research uses, it is not of adequate size to handle larger computational tasks that may require several hundred or several thousand simultaneous processors.  For those larger jobs, there are other resources available to CWRU researchers that are both free and commercially available.
  • Funding Resources - RCCI can assist in developing language necessary for grant applications for projects that plan to use RCCI Resources and Services.
  • Funding Agencies - Often require detailed language about the computational resources that will be used as part of a research project. To facilitate the application process, RCCI has created Proposal Templates detailing the design and capabilities of the High-Performance Computing Cluster. Those documents can be found HERE.

Who manages Consultation Services?

  • The Award Consultation Service Manager is Mike Warfe. The Cyberinfrastructure Consultation Service Manager is Cindy Martin. They can be reached at

How can I get Consultation Services?

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