Secure Research Environment

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The Secure Research Environment (SRE) is a service that allows researchers to store and analyze sensitive research data subject to regulatory standards including HIPAA and FISMA. With the SRE, UTech maintains a private cloud environment that delivers virtual desktops, and an internal secure network for web application delivery using a risk-based information security program, which includes implementation of controls that meet recommendations or requirements of regulatory and information security standards.

This includes the use of a commercial data center, encryption as necessary for storage and transmission of data, virtual computing resources, controlled data access, two-factor authentication, and continuous monitoring for availability and threat detection.

Operation of the SRE is guided by policies and procedures approved by the Service Manager.  Please contact UTech Research Computing for additional information.

Availability + Service Expectations

  • SRE services are available to Case researchers and their collaborators who are working with restricted data.

  • Technical services are available 24x7 subject to planned maintenance.

  • Administrative assistance is available during business hours.

  • SRE services include:

    • Business analysis to architect solutions using any Utech resources.

    • Providing virtual desktops, shared storage, virtual servers, and managed file transfer.

    • Standardized language and individual assistance with grant proposals and protocols for Case and UH IRB.

    • Assistance with compliance with Case security policies for restricted and regulated data including Security Plan.

    • Assistance with compliance with Data Use Agreements.

  • SRE hardware isolated in physically secure commercial data center

  • Physical access to data center strictly controlled and monitored by vendor partner

  • Electronic access to SRE assets provided to authorized personnel only

  • Electronic access to SRE assets conducted using secure communication protocols

Current Hardware + Operating Systems

  • 8 physical hosts providing hundreds of virtual machines.

  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 supported.

Current Customers

Associated RCCI Resources + Services


  • Consultation Services - RCCI can provide the necessary information about the existing Core facility (boilerplate language), suggest the appropriate computational hardware and storage for the proposal, including the necessary quotes, and execute the proposed computational plan upon the award being funded.

  • See iLab for a complete list of services.


  • Transferring data with business partners using

  • Accessing SRE from a clinic using VPN

Downloading de-identified data using managed file transfer

Who manages the SRE Service?

  • The SRE Service Manager is Brian Christian. He can be reached at

How can I get the SRE Service?

  • Contact the Service Manager with any questions regarding the account application process.

Can I view the current status of the SRE?

  • SRE Services - Solarwinds status of public facing SRE services
  • SRE detailed view - for UTech Service Managers
  • Note: VPN required to view above links from off campus

Where can I find more information about UTech Research Computing and the SRE?