Storage FAQ

The current hardware for the Sicily file storage system, has reached end it's of service life and is no longer supported by the vendor. Sicily is being replaced by a new NAS system with more advanced capabilities. Some users of Sicily may also find it appropriate to switch to Box or Google Drive storage instead. 

The files on Sicily need to be migrated from the old hardware to the new hardware before January 27, 2017. UTech will assist with moving files off of Sicily to the new hardware.

Users who no longer need their "Sicily" shares (if moving to "Box", for example) should coordinate with UTech staff to remove of the old shares before January 27, 2017. If it is not possible to migrate to the alternate location before that time, it is necessary to make an interim move of the share data to the new UTech NAS system.


Users who will continue using the UTech supported NAS service will need to work with UTech staff to plan a date and time when their share data will be moved from Sicily to the new NAS system. This is not a transparent move - the new system will not be named Sicily, so end users' computers will require some reconfiguration to connect to the new share location(s). See the File Storage page for the detailed process, and Mapping a Network Drive" for the new drive mapping procedure.