Echo360 New Features

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Approximately every 2 weeks, Echo360 releases new features, bug fixes, and general improvements to the product. Here we've provided a summary of the important features that will impact instructors and students at CWRU. For all of the Echo360 release information, you can visit the Echo360 Release Notes website.

Special Announcement: Embedded Polling

As of August 11, Echo360 now allows instructors to take videos or audio media and embed polling questions into them. These embedded polls “gate” the media for student viewers, requiring the students to respond to the poll before they can continue viewing. Analytics are available to review which students have answered, overall responses, and date of response. The CWRU Echo360 team has made a Using Echo360 Embedded Polling guide that details how to get started.

Special Announcement: Zoom Integration

Mid-way through March, we enabled the Zoom integration in Echo360. This feature brings and Zoom cloud recordings over into Echo360 for long-term storage and distribution to students. Learn more in our Using Zoom with Echo360 guide.

Recent Releases

May 17, 2022 Release

March 22, 2022 Release

  • Edit Media and Edit Transcripts Permissions Now Available for Collections: Collections can now confer editing permissions to collection members. This allows collection managers to delegate these tasks, but within a closed and controlled group of other users. The addition of the editing capabilities includes allowing users to create interactive media out of the video or audio media in the collection.

March 9, 2022 Release

  • Beginning March 10, Duo authentication will be required when accessing This will not impact users accessing Echo360 content from Canvas.
  • [Delayed until March 22] We have improved the workflow for embedding Echo360 media into your Canvas courses, allowing better visibility of the available media as well easier to use playback selection options.

February 9, 2022 Release

  • Groups have become Collections, a better way to organize, share and collaborate with content.  With Collections you’ll notice improved membership management and easier access to content in your LMS, with more enhancements coming soon. Please note Collections can only be created by admins at this time, so if you'd like one, please message
  • Our new top-level navigation link for analytics allows you to quickly access analytics for any media in your Canvas course, whether it was added through an Echo360 section, through the content editor, or through a direct link in Canvas. Existing instructor dashboard analytics in the Echo360 section remain the same.
  • We’ve made two accessibility enhancements in the embedded media player to improve the experience of searching the read-along transcript panel and the experience of downloading media content for all users, whether they use assistive technology with their browser or not.

January 25, 2022 Release

  • Users can now apply a Custom Thumbnail/Preview image for Video and Audio Media! The thumbnail is what users see on the media tile in the Library or in a Group, and what administrators see in the Captures page for media. In addition, the thumbnail is also the preview image that users see prior to playback, for media posted or embedded outside of Echo360.

January 11, 2022 Release

  • Improved LMS page loading with embedded media – We have simplified the way the embedded player loads in an LMS/VLE context. For course designs that show multiple embedded Echo360 videos on the same page, instead of attempting to load the player and preview for all embedded media on the page at the same time, only the media initially in view are loaded.
  • More accurate duration for inserted media – When using the Insert Media feature of the video media editor, the duration shown in the editor now updates to display the predicted duration of the completed edits, to include both inserted and removed segments.

December 14, 2021 Release

  • Combine media with the video editor! Insert Media allows you to start with one video and add other videos to it (up to a total duration of 8 hours). You can continue to trim segments from both the original and the added media until you have a compilation that works for you. This feature allows you to stitch together recordings that may have been captured separately for whatever reason, but are better viewed together.