Echo360 New Features

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Approximately every 2 weeks, Echo360 releases new features, bug fixes, and general improvements to the product. Here we've provided a summary of the important features that will impact instructors and students at CWRU. For all of the Echo360 release information, you can visit the Echo360 Release Notes website.

Special Announcement: Embedded Polling

As of August 11, Echo360 now allows instructors to take videos or audio media and embed polling questions into them. These embedded polls “gate” the media for student viewers, requiring the students to respond to the poll before they can continue viewing. Analytics are available to review which students have answered, overall responses, and date of response. The CWRU Echo360 team has made a Using Echo360 Embedded Polling guide that details how to get started.

Special Announcement: Zoom Integration

Mid-way through March, we enabled the Zoom integration in Echo360. This feature brings and Zoom cloud recordings over into Echo360 for long-term storage and distribution to students. Learn more in our Using Zoom with Echo360 guide.

Recent Releases

October 5, 2021 Release

  • Echo360 is working on several new features for the Echo360 media editor. To prepare for these upcoming changes, we have made some incremental improvements to the media editor interface, including the addition of an Actions button. The new Actions button provides options for applying, clearing, or fully reverting your media edits.
  • The Echo360 PPT Ribbon Add-on has been updated to version 1.3.6, with provisional support for Office 365. This version also includes fixes for known issues with the date picker for new class publishing.
  • Universal Capture Software has been updated and tested to ensure it is supported for use on Windows 11, slated for release on or about October 5th.

September 21, 2021 Release

  • Pages with multiple embedded media now load faster – We’ve made some improvements to how the Echo360 embedded player loads the media in order to better support multiple media embedded on the same LMS/VLE page.
  • Echo360 media editor now allows for editing captures that are still processing – Video media from Universal Capture (not uploads or SCHD appliance captures) can now be opened and edited even while they are still processing.

August 24, 2021 Release

August 10, 2021 Release

  • Echo360 has added Speechmatics as a transcription provider for their Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) feature. Speechmatics offers improved accuracy over the previous transcription provider.

July 27, 2021 Release

  • Nothing to note!

July 13, 2021 Release

  • The Polling tab, both for Echo360 courses and for the Media Details page for interactive media now contain an Overview ribbon for at-a-glance performance information.
  • On devices with under-powered or over-taxed CPUs, the Universal Capture client now intelligently adjusts the frame rate of the capture. This allows less robust machines to be able to run Universal Capture successfully.
  • Where Echo360 media has been embedded external to the platform in a 16:9 iframe, the media player no longer requires scroll bars to access the media options typically located below the playback panel.

June 29, 2021 Release

  • Sharing interactive media directly to Students is no longer supported.

June 15, 2021 Release

  • More Enhancements to the updated media player!
    • Mini-Player Size Option: There is a new smaller size option for creating embeddable media links or when embedding media into Canvas. This new option, 320x240, allows quality media playback without the need for a lot of space.
    • Consolidated Downloads: The downloadable assets for Echo360 media have been combined into a single download button and combined modal. Any time there is anything that can be downloaded for the media, whether it is only the transcript or the actual video and/or audio files, a download button appears below the player.
  • Instructors can now always download course media: We have updated the functionality of the course feature settings so that any restrictions to course media downloads applies ONLY to Students and Teaching Assistants.
  • Polling and Response Summary for Media: Now when a particular piece of media that contains polls is selected, the default is to list ALL polls in the media with summary response data for each. Each poll is selectable, so you can see what the poll question was, and a summary of responses to that poll. In addition, each Student listed is also selectable, so you can see each Student’s response to each poll. This change applies to both interactive media and presentations.