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Network + Internet + Wireless

Network + Internet + Wireless

Network + Internet + Wireless

Regardless of the device you brought to campus, [U]Tech has a network to support you.

Wireless Network

Sign in to the wireless network named "CaseWireless" for a fast and secure connection anywhere on campus. Visit to configure your device for CaseWireless automatically.

Wired Network

The high-speed, wired network allows you to upload, download and browse seamlessly. One-time registration of laptop and desktop computers must be completed at before they can be used on the wired network. To register gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and more, visit and click "Student Device Self-Registration."

Off-Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Use the VPN when connecting to an unsecured or public network. VPN is required when accessing certain university resources, such as the Software Center, library and off-campus databases. Visit to download the VPN software and enroll in two-factor authentication.

Duo Security: Two-Factor Authentication

CWRU incorporated two-factor authentication into the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other services. It provides added security by prompting you for a unique code in addition to your network password. This code is usable only once and is accessible from the device of your choosing, typically your cell phone. Each time you login, a new code is issued to you. Visit to learn more.