IT Contracts - FAQ

Listed below are some frequently asked questions for the CWRU IT Contracts Team.

Question: I never had to receive an approval to purchase software or services before. Why the change?

Answer: University Technology (UTech) and University Marketing and Communications (UMC), in collaboration with Procurement and Distribution Services (PDS) and Office of General Counsel (OGC), worked to implement a university-wide change to the process of procuring IT related items. University policy necessitated this change, with the goal of minimizing the risk footprint of the university. Risk is measured in many forms, including data security, financial risk, compliance, and more. This process change helps to ensure that our data is secure, good financial stewardship is practiced throughout the university, the university's brand is protected, and that the university is meeting accessibility standards.

Question: What can I do to ensure that my contract / agreement is processed efficiently?

Answer:  Please acquire any necessary documentation from the vendor ahead of entering the requisition. Please see the "Contract Owner Responsibilities" section.

Question: How will I order desktops, laptops, and other hardware? 

Answer: There will be no change to the order process for end-user desktops, laptops, and other hardware (tablets, accessories, etc.). The IT Contracts Team will review orders from non-preferred vendors.

Question: What about SmartCART orders? Will I have to do anything differently?

Answer: There is no change to the SmartCART ordering process. Items from certain categories will flow through the IT Contracts Contracts queue for review. We are working with Procurement to reduce the number of categories flowing through our queue.

Question: I previously just paid for a software license with a P-Card? Can I continue doing so?

Answer: No. Any software license purchase must be reviewed and approved by the IT Contracts team.