Contract Owner Responsibilities

  1. Perform requirements gathering and engage appropriate [U]Tech & UMC resources prior to vendor selection.
  2. Request an executable copy of the agreement along with any other applicable documents from the vendor (agreement should include signature lines for the vendor and CWRU). Note that the executable agreement may include many or all of the documents requested below.
    • Executable Agreement - License Agreement, Service Agreement, Statement of Work, Maintenance Agreement, etc.
    • Quote, Invoice, Proposal, etc.
    • Data Confidentiality / Privacy Statement
    • Service Level Agreement
    • VPAT, WCAG 2.0 or other self-disclosed Accessibility Statement for any web based and client-facing services.
    • If this is a new vendor, a Supplier Information Form, and any other applicable forms will need to be submitted to
  3. Enter the requisition into PeopleSoft Financials
    • Attach all documents acquired in Step 1. to the requisition.
    • Provide a detailed Business Purpose in "Who, What, When, Where, Why" format within the Justification field. This should include a minimum of 2-3 detailed sentences describing the product and/or service and its usage.
  4. If the agreement contains an IT related component, the [U]Tech Contracts Team will initiate their review. During this process, it is likely that you will be asked to coordinate certain aspects of the review process with the vendor. 
    • The [U]Tech Contracts team will review the agreement and coordinate with other parties around the University (Information Security, Marketing & Communications, the Office of General Counsel, etc.) to negotiate and authorize the terms.
  5. Upon completion of the review by the [U]Tech Contracts Team, the agreement will be forwarded on to the Procurement Contract Manager and Procurement Buyer for final and approval, routing for signatures, and PO Processing.