Expanded IT Contract Routing Process

  1. Requisition submitted by requester
  2. Financial approvals by requesting organization
  3. Routes to UTech Contracts for approval
    • Evaluate if review necessary
      • If review not necessary
        • Approve in PSFIN to proceed to Procurement (PDS)
      • If review necessary
      • Enter contract in Total Contracts Manager (TCM)
      • Review contract for IT and Information Security requirements
      • Make necessary changes in collaboration with requester
      • Negotiate with vendor
      • Loop back to #1 until UTech and requester acceptance
      • Update TCM
      • Approve in PSFIN
  4. Routes to Procurement Buyer
    • If no contract, buyer processes PO using rest of existing PDS process
    • If there is a contract
      • Review Contract for PDS requirements
      • Modify for PDS requirements
      • Pass to Procurement Contracts Manager
        • Evaluates if General Counsel (OGC) review is necessary
          • Passes to OGC if necessary
            • Manages OGC approval
              • Re-involves UTech if questions
            • Routes for signature
          • Modifies and routes for signature
      • Routes to university leadership for financial approvals as prescribed in PSFIN rules
      • PO is processed
  5. Routes to senior leadership for signatures