Denison Hall Schedule

View the public Denison Hall room schedules at the links provided below: 

Rehearsal Room Schedules Practice Room Schedules
Denison Classroom (DEN CLASS) Practice Module (158)
Denison Rehearsal Hall (DEN REH) Practice Module (159)
Wade Rehearsal Hall (DEN WADE) Practice Module (180)
Spartan Rehearsal Hall (DEN SPRTN) Practice Module (182)
  Practice Module (184)
Percussion Studio (DEN PERC) Practice Module (186)

To Book: Use the Spartan Reservation System to book everyday reservations (e.g. rehearsals, practice, lessons, workshops, etc.), 48 hours in advance required for rehearsal rooms, and up to 2 hours in advance required for practice modules or percussion studio.

For questions, email

Music majors, particularly those in chamber groups/studio groups, pianists, and percussionists will be given priority when booking times to rehearse. The maximum rehearsal time permitted for a single student-led ensemble is 3 hours per week.

Active Hours: These hours fall outside normal operating hours when the building is secured but active with ensemble rehearsals, group rehearsals, and individual practice. A building monitor, professional staff member, or faculty member will be present in the building during Active Hours. Reservations can be made in advance, but walk-ins are permitted. Students must have card swipe privileges to enter the building.

Musical activities in rehearsal rooms must end by 10:00 PM. Sound isolated practice modules can be used 24/7.