Student Staff

The Department of Music is committed to promoting student employment opportunities that can provide valuable work/education experience. Mutually, the department benefits and grows with the vast talents, insight, and enthusiasm students bring to these roles. 

We are currently taking applications for the 2022-23 academic year. To apply, submit the Student Employment Application and include your resume.

Applicants can view detailed job descriptions in Handshake. Find more information and resources on the Financial Aid Student Employment page. 

Music Office Assistant

Supervisor: Jennifer Wright, Coordinator of Department Operations & Undergraduate Recruitment

Assist with department operations, special projects, department events, open house programs, Recital Class attendance/programs, calendars, publicity, concert programs, and general office tasks.

Music Operations/Events Team

Supervisor: Nicholas Strawn, Performance and Operations Assistant

Assist with facilities operations, Denison Music Hall activities, ensemble rehearsals, concert preparation, and provide services during performances/special events. Students will be trained on handling the sound system and recording equipment in Harkness Chapel. Special assignments include percussion rep (typically a percussion major) and staff lead (assistant to supervisor).

A/V Technician

Supervisor: Nicholas Strawn, Performance and Operations Assistant

Provide recording services for ensemble concerts, student recitals, Recital Class and recording sessions, move equipment during events, demonstrate equipment to users, and complete post-production work. Fundamental recording techniques include: microphone placement and operation of recording equipment, comping, mixing, and mastering. Competency with Pro Tools, YouTube, and Zoom. Training provided by Graham Rosen, Audio Recording Engineer. 

Computer Lab Monitor

Supervisor: Ken Wendt, IT Coordinator (The Core)

Independently monitor the computer lab during weekend/evening hours, sign out equipment to students/faculty/staff, check returned equipment for damage, notify supervisor of faulty equipment, monitor office supplies for printers, clean monitors and keyboards/mice, and organize lab.