Conferences Sponsored by the CPMS

March 30-April 1, 2023

"Playing the (Heart) Strings: Music, Wellness, and the Body"
MGSA Conference

June 16-18, 2022

"Theorizing African American Music"

October 2, 2020

"Character, Caricature, Characterization"
MGSA Conference

March 28-30, 2019

"Enacting Curricular Change in Music Education through Vernacular Music"
CWRU Music Education Program, Center for Popular Music Studies, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Marilyn Mobley (CWRU): "Changing the Tune: The Value of Diversity in Music Education"

October 5-6, 2018

"Popular Music, Popular Movement(s)"
MGSA Conference

April 20-21, 2018

"Beyond Genre: Jazz as Popular Music

October 6-7, 2017

“Popular Song in Film: Thirty Years of Gorbman’s Unheard Melodies

Speakers included:

  • Caryl Flinn- How Todd Haynes Took the Camp out of The Carpenters
  • Anahid Kassabian- From Awkward to Insecure: Rap in a web series and its HBO offspring
  • Kevin Donnelly- The Rolling Stones Code and Performance (1970)
  • Jim Buhler- Nondiegetic Music and Stylized Sound- James Buhler
  • Jeff Smith- Pop Music, Processing Fluency, and Pleasure: Film Songs as Both Hype and Memento
  • Kathryn Kalinak- Popular Music at Edison: The Roots of Musical Accompaniment to Film
  • Richard Dyer- Is It Their Song? The Use of Popular Song for Melodramatic Climax
  • Elsie Walker- Hearing the melodies–from The Searchers to Shine
  • David Neumeyer- The Ballad of Sergei and Stella: Music in and from The Uninvited (1944)
  • Robynn Stilwell- Little Matched Girl: Belle’s voice, authenticity, and genuineness in Disney’s live-action Beauty & the Beast
  • Jennifer Fleeger- The Voice Lesson: Learning to Sing on Screen
  • Jim Deaville- Unheard Melodies: The Trailer
  • Neil Lerner- Unheard Metaphors are Sweeter: Towards a Disablist Film Music Theory
  • Julie Hubbert- Auteur Music and Labor
  • Daniel Goldmark- Pixar’s Memories
  • Martin Marks- I’ll Sing You in My Dreams: David Lynch’s American Songbook

February 23-25, 2017

"Gimme Shelter: Popular Music and Protection"
The CPMS hosted the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US-Branch’s annual conference at Case Western Reserve University. 

October 2-3, 2015

“Popular Music and Communities” MGSA Conference

Speakers included:

  • Natalie Oshukany (City University of New York), “‘Americanizing’ the Criminal Song: Willi Tokarev and Russian-Jewish Immigrant Identity in 1980s New York City”
  • Bryan Wright, (University of Pittsburgh), “The Ragtime Piano Revival Community in America”
  • Nicole Winger (University of Western Ontario), “Reinterpreting Harry Belafonte: A Narrative of Resistance, Activism and Crossover Success”
  • Sean Peterson (University of Oregon), “‘Hip-Hop Without a DJ’: Authenticating The Roots in an Era of Sample-Based Hegemony”
  • Catherine Hall (Florida State University), “‘Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock!’: Music and Heroism in the Harry Potter Fandom”
  • Sarah Suhadolnik (University of Michigan), “Watch, Tweet, Listen, Repeat: Channel Surfing to the Top of the Charts”
  • Keynote lecture by Norma Coates (University of Western Ontario), “Fantasies and Humpty-Dumpties: Teen Girls, the Monkees, and The Monkees
  • Danielle Maggio (University of Pittsburgh), “‘Soul Power’: Black Popular Music as a Mobilizing Force For Radical Activism in Chicago, 1967-1973”
  • C. Megan MacDonald, (Florida State University), “White as Snow: Performances of Whiteness in Depression-Era Southern Gospel Communities”
  • Marco Accattatis (Rutgers University), “Work Hard, Play Hard: Normalizing Neoliberal Ideology in Popular Music”
  • Trevor Nelson (Michigan State University), “Bottoms Up: Parody, Camp, and Homonormative Critique in the Music of Willam Belli”
  • John Hausmann (College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati), “The Deadhead Community, Parodies, and the Marginalization of the Counterculture”
  • Christa Anne Bentley (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “Self-Expression and Communal Belonging in Singer-Songwriter Performance from the 1970s”
  • Ryland Bennett (Tufts University), “The Cult of ‘Keytar Bear:’ Performing Utopia for Boston’s Masses”
  • Keynote lecture by Mark Katz (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “‘We Need You to Get this Right’: Musical Communities and the Responsibilities of the Scholar”

April 26, 2014


Speakers included:

  • Robert Walser (CWRU), “A Typology of Drum Fills”
  • Mandy Smith (CWRU), “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You: The Primitive vs. the Virtuosic in Rock Drumming”
  • Mark Ferber (City College of New York), “Perspectives of Pedagogy of the Drumset”
  • Steven Baur (Dalhousie University), “Toward a Cultural History of the Backbeat”
  • Gareth Dylan Smith (Institue of Contemporary Music Performance), “Embodied Experience, Autoethnograph and Rock”

November 16, 2013

“Queer Popular Music”

Speakers included:

  • Mitchell Morris (Amherst College)
  • Judith Periano (Cornell University)
  • Stephan Pennington (Tufts University)
  • Susan McClary (CWRU)

April 12-13, 2013

“’Sing Me That Song Again’:  The History and Impact of Tin Pan Alley”

Speakers included:

  • Richard Crawford (University of Michigan), “Scenes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess”
  • Walter Frisch (Columbia University), “If Ever a Wiz There Was:  Harold Arlen and American Popular Song”
  • Keir Keightley (University of Western Ontario), “From Hogan’s Alley to Tin Pan Alley”
  • Jeffrey Magee (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne), “From Flatbush to the Sea:  The Cozy Cottage Trope on Tin Pan Alley and Broadway, 1910s-70s”
  • Gillian Rodger (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “When Singing was Acting:  Song and Character in Variety Theater”
  • Rose Rosengard Subotnik (Brown University), “My Father’s Musical Time-Capsule:  American Songs, Sheet Music, and the Dream that Got Away”