Majoring in Music

When will I declare my major in music or music education? 
First-year students declare their music major during orientation week by completing a major declaration form approved by the academic representative for their program of study. This is an important step because music majors start taking core classes in their first semester. 

Where can I go online to find Department of Music resources for current students? 
There are many resources to help you successfully transition to CWRU, find your way around, get involved, explore opportunities, and address personal questions or concerns in our Student Resources for current undergraduate and graduate students.

Whom should I contact if I have academic advising questions over the summer?
New students will receive frequent emails from the Department of Music during the summer. For questions, visit the Contact Us page and find the academic representative for your program of study. New student orientation will take place during Discover Week where key members of the music faculty and staff will present helpful information. 

Will I take music classes during my first semester? 
Yes. Music majors should plan to take their required music theory (MUTH) class, applied music lessons and Recital Class (MUAP 121), and a primary ensemble (MUEN) during their first semester. Other music courses could include eurhythmics (MUDE), music education skills (MUED 200), optional ensembles (MUEN) or secondary lessons (MUAP 131). 

How many credit units can I take in my first semester?
Undergraduate students can take a maximum of 19 credit units in their first semester. 

How and when do music majors receive their studio assignment in applied music lessons?
Undergraduate music majors will receive notification of their studio placement from Jennifer Wright in the music office to enroll in the required primary applied music lessons and Recital Classsometime in August (before orientation). Students interested in secondary lessons (MUAP 131) should complete the Secondary Lessons: Policies and Pre-Registration Form to begin the registration process.

Graduate students in music must receive a lesson assignment from their faculty advisor and meet with Jennifer Wright during orientation to enroll. Students interested in secondary lessons (MUAP 531) must consult their advisors and complete the Secondary Lessons: Policies and Pre-Registration Form to begin the registration process. 

Students should make every effort to schedule their weekly lesson time and register in SIS before each new term.

What are the solo performance requirements for music majors?
Music majors are required to participate in Recital Class1 each semester and perform once each academic year. The department does not require full-length solo recitals, but students are welcome to do so with the approval of their applied instructor or as part of their Capstone project. Other solo competitions and recitals include the Concerto Competition and Ronis Recital Prize.

1Recital Class: This is a required component of primary lessons for undergraduate music majors. The class meets weekly on Wednesday at 3:20 PM -4:10 PM in Harkness Chapel. Hybrid course delivery (in-person and asynchronous instruction). Students will perform once during the academic year and serve as stage managers the week following their performance.  

What are jury examinations?
A jury exam is required of all students enrolled in primary applied music lessons. The exam is to take place during Ready Days each term. Each music major is required to perform jury exams specific to their degree program. Learn more about speicifc jury exam requirements in the undergraduate handbook.