BA in Music

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music is for students who want to advance their musical study while receiving a comprehensive, liberal arts education paired with world-class conservatory training. The BA in Music provides undergraduate students the flexibility and academic freedom to combine disciplines with a double major, dual degree, or secondary major and offers excellent preparation for graduate work in music or professional studies/careers in other fields.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate technical and artistic proficiency within a primary performance medium (instrument or voice).
  • Students will be able to demonstrate personal musicianship, apply general musical knowledge, participate professionally in a collaborative demeanor, and apply musical and technical performance skills to the ensemble.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate facility with the major concepts and techniques of tonal and post-tonal music theory and analysis.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate facility with the major concepts and techniques of Eurhythmics, including communicating using an established rhythmic lexicon and performing rhythmic movement in a variety of tempi with steady pulse.
  • Students will be able to critically analyze major musicians, musical thinkers, musical styles, techniques, procedures, and cultural trends from all periods in the history of Western music.
  • Students will be able to draw on knowledge and skills in performance, music theory, music history, and/or music education to write a substantial critical assessment of musical works, concepts, and/or practices in the Western classical and/or popular traditions.

Program Requirements

Students seeking to complete this major and degree program must meet the general requirements for bachelor's degrees and the University's general education requirements. Students completing this program as a secondary major while completing another undergraduate degree program do not need to satisfy the latter set of requirements.

The Music BA requires that 43-51 of the total 120 credit units necessary for the degree be devoted to music study, with the remaining credits devoted to the general education requirements for the University and the College of Arts and Sciences, a possible minor program, and a liberal selection of elective courses. 

Music requirements include applied lessons, recital, and jury exams on a primary performance medium; participation in ensembles; courses in music theory, eurhythmics, and music history; and upper-level elective in music history/analysis/education. 

Find detailed program requirements, course distribution, and a sample plan of study in the General Bulletin


The BA in Music requires submission of the Common Application or Coalition with Scoir with corresponding Music Arts Supplement (digital questionnaire and video audition) on an acceptable primary instrument or voice for entrance to the major. 

More information about the undergraduate admission and audition process is provided on the Undergraduate Application Procedures webpage.

Undergraduate Application Procedures

Music Handbook and Advising

Current undergraduate music majors should review departmental policies and procedures in the Undergraduate Music Handbook, and use the Advising Forms as a tool to track academic progress in all course requirements.

Additional resources and forms are available on the Resources for Current Undergraduate Music Majors webpage.