BA in Music

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music at Case Western Reserve University is for students who wish to achieve a high level of musical skill and knowledge by majoring in music within the context of a liberal arts education. This group includes students who plan to pursue graduate study or careers in music as well as those who plan careers in other fields. Many of our students combine musical study with study in other areas through a double major or dual degree. The program is unique because it offers instruction from the faculties of both an internationally recognized research university and a world-class conservatory through our Joint Music Program with the Cleveland Institute of Music. Students receive private lessons, ensemble coaching, and music theory instruction from Cleveland Institute of Music faculty while performing in diverse ensembles and taking courses in music history and music education with CWRU music faculty.  Students and are encouraged to collaborate with each other across disciplines and this creative atmosphere provides the unique opportunity for all students to learn about specializations from some of the leading faculty in diverse areas (historical performance and popular music are just two examples).

All students have the option of completing a Music Capstone, an individually designed project that is usually built around a senior recital or research thesis. After completing the BA Degree in Music, students are able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate technical and artistic proficiency on a primary performance medium (instrument or voice)
  • Contribute positively to musical ensembles of various sizes and types, and collaborate effectively with fellow ensemble members and ensemble directors
  • Demonstrate facility with the major concepts and techniques of tonal and post-tonal music theory and analysis
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the major musicians, musical thinkers, musical styles, techniques, procedures, and cultural trends of all periods in the history of Western music
  • Draw on knowledge and skills in performance, music theory, music history, and/or music education to write a substantial critical assessment of musical works, concepts, and/or practices in the Western classical and/or popular traditions

A video audition is required for admission to the program. If you are interested in applying, please read about the Application Procedures.