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This page contains resources for current undergraduate music majors. 

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Jury Exams

Spring 2022

Visit this page to view the Spring 2022 Jury Exam Schedule. 

Submit your repertoire on this form by April 15, 2022 (not required for Concerto Competition). 


  • Arrive early and check in with the staff member on site! 
  • Juries will not exceed 15 minutes in duration. 
  • The Denison Classroom, Harkness Classroom, and all practice rooms are held during jury days for students to warm up.
  • The Department of Music has been given special exemption so that wind/brass/voice students do not have to wear a mask while performing juries. 
  • There will be a microphone and speaker available for the popular voice juries. We strongly encourage popular voice students to learn how to operate the new sound equipment in Harkness Chapel. Contact Ken Wendt to schedule a tutorial.
  • Scores and comments will be submitted by CWRU faculty and studio instructors on a Qualtrics Survey (digital form). 
  • In addition to the faculty noted on the schedule, all Ronis Recital applicants are video recorded and reviewed by a selection committee.

Ronis Recital and Concerto Competition

Facilities and Operations


It is VERY important that doors and/or windows are not propped open in our buildings. Do not hold the door for others. All faculty, staff, and students are to gain access by card swipe. 

  • EMERGENCY: CWRU Police 216.368.3333
  • NON-EMERGENCY: CWRU Police  216.368.3300

CWRU Police & Security Services also offers a free smartphone application that allows you to report emergencies, set safety checks, and create reports. Please consider adding the Rave Guardian App

Safe Ride Program: These vehicles operate between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m. and can be requested via a free app (search for “CWRU Safe Ride” on the Apple App store or Google Play); via saferide.case.edu; or by calling 216.368.3000.

Find more information on the Public Safety website. 


    Library Resources


    Student Employment

    The Department of Music is committed to promoting student employment opportunities that can provide valuable work/education experience. Mutually, the department benefits and grows with the vast talents, insight, and enthusiasm students bring to these roles. 

    We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-22 academic year. To apply, complete the CWRU Music: Student Employment Application

    Office Assistant
    Supervisor: Jennifer Wright
    Assist with department operations and undergraduate recruitment, Recital Class attendance/programs, classroom reservation requests, building walkthroughs, calendars, and general office tasks.  

    Student Ambassador/Special Projects
    Supervisor: Jennifer Wright 
    Assist with special projects, social media, undergraduate recruitment, department/university events, and welcoming prospective students and their families to campus.

    Operations & Events Staff
    Supervisor: Summer Canter 
    Assist with facilities operations, Denison Music Hall activities, ensemble rehearsals, concert preparation, and provide services during performances/special events. Specials assignments include percussion representative (typically a percussion major) and staff lead (assistant to supervisor). 

    Computer Lab Monitor (The Core)
    Supervisor: Ken Wendt 
    Independently monitor the computer lab during weekend/evening hours, sign out equipment to students/faculty/staff, check returned equipment for damage, notify supervisor of faulty equipment, monitor office supplies for printers, clean monitors and keyboards/mice, and organize lab.

    A/V Technician often combined with Computer Lab Monitor position
    Supervisor: Ken Wendt 
    Provide recording services for ensemble concerts, student recitals, Recital Class and recording sessions, move equipment during events, demonstrate equipment to users, and complete post-production work. Fundamental recording techniques include: microphone placement and operation of recording equipment, comping, mixing, and mastering. Competency with Pro Tools, YouTube, and Zoom. Training provided.