Past Colloquia

Fall 2023

Sep 8: Ross Duffin (CWRU Distinguished Professor of Music, Emeritus)
"Singing Psalms to Hornpipes: William Slatyer’s Scandalous Collection”

Sep 15: Christopher Clark (CWRU)
"Lead with Love: The Non-Religious Spirituality of Voices 21C”

Sep 22: Aviva Rothman (CWRU)
"A Brief History of Cosmic Harmony”

Sep 29: Marysol Quevedo (University of Miami)
“Sisters of the Clear Waters”: Afro-Diasporic Womanhood in Tania León’s “Oh Yemanja”

Oct 6: Juliet Hess (MSU)
“Interrogating Musical Tourism and ‘World Music’ Pedagogy: Coloniality and Anti-Colonialism in ‘World Music’ Classroom Practices”

Oct 13: Tammy Kernodle (Miami University)
"You Can't Tell It Like I Can: Mary Lou Williams and the Re-Visioning of Jazz's History"

Oct 27: Sarah Long (MSU)
“Music Composition in Late-Medieval Lille”

Nov 3: Christopher Jenkins (CWRU)
“Signifyin(g) in the Music of Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson” 

Nov 17: Laina Dawes (CWRU)
“Race, Heavy Metal and Engaged Aggression: Creating a New Black Music Vernacular" Sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies

Dec 1: Jessica Steuver and Andy Novak (CWRU)
Music Education Lightning Talks

Spring 2023

January 27: Nate Kruse (CWRU)
“Faces in the Mirror: Ageism, Music Participation, and Stereotype Embodiment Theory"

February 3: Susan McClary (CWRU)
“Kaija Saariaho, Mater”

February 10: Andrea Bohlman (UNC Chapel Hill)
“Hearing Lwów Out of War, 1939: Singing and the Limits of Sonic Evidence”

February 17: Andre de Quadros (Boston University)
“Freedom Dreaming, Dismantling Walls: Music and Social Justice”

February 24: Marcelo Rebuffi (CWRU)
“Time Conflicts: Tonality as Arena for Opposing Temporalities”

March 3: Richard Freedman (Haverford College)
“The CRIM Project:  A Digital Musical Collaboratory for Renaissance Music”   

March 24: Frank Lehman (Tufts University)
"Mapping the Musical Galaxy: Confessions of a Leitmotif Collector”

March 31: Jill Rogers (Indiana University)
Graduate Student Conference, "Playing the (Heart) Strings: Music, Wellness, and the Body"
“Play it Again, Yvonne: Radio Performance as an Embodied Technology of Hope, Love, and Friendship during World War II”

April 14: Guthrie Ramsey (University of Pennsylvania, retired)
Sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies
“Who Hears Here? On Collecting My Selves in Book”

April 21: Judith Peraino (Cornell University)
Sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies
“Art Bling: Warhol, Basquiat, and Hip Hop” 

April 28: Music Education Lightning Talks
Jason Delfing (CWRU): “Characteristics of Effective Cooperating Teachers”; 
Samantha Webber and Erin Hopkins (CWRU): “Music Access for Students in Self-Contained Special Education Classrooms."

Fall 2022

September 9 | AJ Kluth (CWRU)
“What is this Revenant called Jazz?: Nostalgia, Value, and Racialized Listening”

September 16 | Tami Draves (UNC Greensboro)
"Gender Dynamics in Schools of Music"

September 23 | Zachary Kandler (NYU) 
“Finding Flow in Music: A Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Case Study”

September 30 | Marc Perlman (Brown) 
"Regulating Cultural Identity: The Moral and Legal Debates over Misappropriation"

October 7 | Shana Redmond (Columbia) 
“‘Agencies of Menace': The State, the Car, and the Music in Between" sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies

October 14 | Dane Harrison (CWRU)
“Chorus from verse: Cadential fulcrums in the Great American Songbook”

Katie Sucha (CWRU)
"Voicing the Apostola Apostolorum: Grief, Desire, and Madness in Cozzolani’s Maria Magdalene Stabat

October 28 | Lisa Huisman Koops (CWRU), Kelsey Kordella Giotta (Plain Local Schools), Jessica L. G. Steuver (CWRU), and Julie Ballantyne (University of Queensland, Australia) 
“We are Not Superhuman: Experiences of Music Teacher Mothers during the COVID-19 Pandemic”; and Lisa Koops, “Weaving a Musical Tapestry: The Home Musical Environment of a Young Family”

November 4 | Assaf Shelleg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 
“Muting Territorialism”

November 18 | Louis Epstein (St. Olaf College)
"Washington Conservatory Alumni in Black American Musical Life" 

December 2 | Jesse Berezovsky (CWRU) and Alex Cooke (CIM) 
“Crystals of Sound”

December 9 | Mark Edwards (Oberlin)
“Moving Beyond Performance: Improvisation in Seventeenth-Century French Harpsichord Music"

Spring 2022

[virtual] January 21 | Ryan Scherber and Adrienne Bedell (CWRU)
“Rethinking Classroom Interactions: Teacher Perspectives on Trauma-Informed Pedagogy”

[virtual] January 28 | Cesar Favila (UCLA)
“Sonic Theologies of Chastity and Obedience in New Spanish Convents”

February 11 | Taylor McClaskie (CWRU)
"Whales, Wolves, and Saxophones: New Age Music as Mediator of ‘The Wild’”

February 18 | Rodney Sauer (Mont Alto Orchestra)
“Silent Film Scoring for Working Musicians” 
sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies

February 25 | Michael Figueroa (UNC Chapel Hill)
"Ethnomusicology and the Genealogical Method: Listening to the Present, Writing the Past"

[virtual] March 4 | A.D. Carson (UVA)
"i used to love to dream: Going Into Language"

March 18 | Scott Burnham (CUNY)
“Late Style in Exile: Beethoven and the Missa Solemnis”

March 25 | Braxton Shelley (Yale Divinity School)
"An Eternal Pitch: Bishop G. E. Patterson's Broadcast Religion"

April 1 | Luis Achondo (CWRU)
“Keep Copying Us: Auditory Creativity, Authorial Attribution, and the Productive and Destructive Limits of Copyright in Argentina’s Soccer Culture”

April 8 | Colleen Conway (University of Michigan)
“Teaching Music in Higher Education: Understanding the Learners”

April 22 | Erin Hopkins, Dennis Giotta, and Allison Paetz (CWRU)
Music Education Lightning Talks

Fall 2021

September 3 | Lisa Nielson (CWRU)
“Music and Musicians in the Medieval Islamicate World: A Social History”

September 10 |Benjamin Helton (CWRU) and Allison Paetz (CWRU)
“Equity of Arts Access and its Effects on Enrollment in Ohio Secondary Schools"

September 17 | David Rothenberg (CWRU) 
Freedman Center, Kelvin Smith Library
“Pierre de la Rue, the Liturgical Year, and the Missa Ave Maria in the Mechelen Choirbook” followed by Music Library welcome reception

September 24 | Addi Liu (CWRU)
“How Early Music Became ‘Crisp’” 

Sam Nemeth | (CWRU)
“Battle of the Bands: The Dawn of a New Brass Technology”

October 1 | Darrin Thornton (Pennsylvania State University)
“Re-Sounding Joy by Design: Moving toward a 360 Music Engagement Praxis”

October 8 | Dean Hubbs (University of Michigan)
“Country-Loving Mexican Americans: Dual Patriotism and Inevitable Fandom among Mexican American Country Music Lovers” sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies

October 22 | Ayana Smith (Indiana University)
“Handel’s Giulio Cesare and the Complexities of Early Modern (and Modern) Identity” 

October 29 | Gabriela Cruz (University of Michigan)
“In The Land of Smiles: Ideology, Theatricality and Responsibility in the Totalitarian Stage”

November 5 | Kira Thurman (University of Michigan)
“On Beethoven, Blackness, and Belonging: Debating German Music Across the Black Atlantic”

November 17-18 | (Wednesday-Thursday): Kepler at 450: An Interdisciplinary Celebration. 
This week, in addition to our regular colloquium, we join our colleagues in celebrating  Kepler's 450th birthday with a series of talks and performances. Details at

November 19 | Maria Schneider and Paul Ferguson (CWRU)
Harkness Chapel 
"Jazz in Conversation”

December 3 | Music Education Students (CWRU) 
Lightning Talks

Spring 2021

Jan 29 | Philip Ewell (Hunter College), Ellie Hisama (Columbia University), and Tammy Kernodle (Miami University): Round Table on Inclusion, Diversity, and Music Pedagogy 

Feb 5 | George Blake (Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, CWRU): "The Social Construction of Racial Harmony: Musicking, Marketing and Memory in Cleveland, Ohio"

Feb 12 | Jason Hanley (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame): “Towards a Theory and Practice of Public Musicology”

Feb 19 | Kathleen Horvath (CWRU): “The Relevance of Making Music during COVID-19”

Feb 26 | Jacqueline Avila (University of Tennessee): “Memorias de oro: Music, Memory, and Mexicanidad in Pixar’s Coco” [sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies]

March 5 | Francesca Brittan (CWRU): “Orchestras of the Mind: Neurology, Organology, and the Politics of Psyche” 

March 12 | Sabine Feisst (Arizona State University): “U.S.-Mexico Border Chords & Discords: Perspectives on the Changing Sonic Ecologies in the American Southwest”

March 26 | Carlos Abril (University of Miami): “Whom Do We Serve? Whom Do We Leave Behind?: Equity and Access in Music Education”  

April 5, 4:30 PM | Kelly St. Pierre (Wichita State University)"Folksong and Ethnic Cleansing in Central Europe" [Joseph and Violet Magyar Lecture, Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities]

April 9 | Nina Eidsheim (UCLA): “Sensing Home: Documenting and Experimenting in Everyday Life”

April 16 | Glenda Goodman (University of Pennsylvania): "Materiality, Labor, and the Intimacies of Early American Music Books" [sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies]

April 30 -new date- | Matthew Garrett (CWRU): “Honoring Trans and Gender Expansive Students in Music Education”

Fall 2020

Sep 11: AJ Kluth (CWRU): “Pet Projects and Pet Theories: Notes On the Metamodern Love and Despair of Thundercat and Louis Cole”

Sep 18: Jason Silveira (University of Oregon): “Hearing with your eyes. Two studies exploring extra-musical factors on perception: body movement and subtitles”

Sep 25: James Davies (UC Berkeley): “Moral Atmospherics: The Enframement of Nature in Mendelssohn’s Elijah”

Oct 2: Kyra Gaunt (SUNY Albany): “The ‘Sweet Virgin P*ssy’ of Tween Twerking: Music as Sexual Violence Against Black Girls on YouTube” Presented as part of the Graduate Student Conference “Character, Caricature, Characterization” (Oct. 2-3).

Oct 9: Ben Steege (Columbia University): “Musical Listening and the Phenomenon of Shame”

Oct 16: Sam Dorf (University of Dayton): “Amplifying Sappho: Lesbian Musicians and the Echoes of Antiquity”

Oct 23: Sophie Benn (CWRU): “Stepanov’s Musical Anatomies” and Taylor McClaskie (CWRU), “Cultivating Ecological Consciousness: Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening as Deep Ecology”

Oct 30: Robert Kendrick (University of Chicago): “Difference, Disguise, and Erasure in Italian Oratorios, c. 1680”

Nov 13: Kelsey Giotta (CWRU Alum): “Motivating Young Adolescents in Middle School General Music”

Nov 20: David Yearsley (Cornell University): “Bach Laughs”

Spring 2020

Jan 24Nathan Dougherty (Case Western Reserve University): "The Art of Singing Romances: Vocal Performance Practices in Parisian Salons and Songs, 1830-1848"

Jan 31Aaron McPeck (CWRU): “Men, Women, and Representations of Sexuality in Music Videos”

Feb 7Peter Bennett (CWRU): “Louis XIII’s Ceremonial Entrées, 1614-1629: Music, Liturgy, and the Legitimation of Power”

Feb 21Crawford Young (Basel Conservatorium): “The Discarded Universe: On Inventive Execution, from Stage to Classroom”

Feb 28Dana Gorzelany-Mostak (Georgia College): “Kamala Harris Rap Genius? Tuning and Temperament in the 2020 US Presidential Election” (sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies)

Mar 6:  Matthew Morrison (NYU): “Composing Americana: Stephen Foster and the Legacy of Blackface” (sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies)

(Postponed)Jason Hanley (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame): “Towards a Theory and Practice of Public Musicology” (sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies)

Mar 27Kelly Parkes (Columbia University): “Assessment as Active Music Pedagogy”

(Postponed)Nina Eidsheim (UCLA): “The Race of Sound: The Acousmatic Question as Voice-Making”

Apr 17Sabine Feisst (Arizona State): “U.S.-Mexico Border Chords & Discords: Perspectives on the Changing Sonic Ecologies in the American Southwest”

Apr 24Music Education Students (CWRU): Lightning Talks

Fall 2019

Sep 6Lisa Rainsong (CIM): “Crickets and Katydids: Research by Ear”

Sep 13Daniel Goldmark (Case Western Reserve University): “Rhino Records and the Repackaging of Rock History”

Sep 27: Honey Meconi (Eastman School of Music): “Who Gets To Say What in the Leuven Chansonnier”

Oct 4Lawrence Kramer (Fordham University): “Voice, Music, and the Sound of Henry James”

Oct 11: Peter Sellars (UCLA), Harkness Chapel: “Staging the Music: Peter Sellars in Conversation”
with Susan McClary

Oct 25James Aldridge and Kelli Minelli (CWRU): “Risk Rhetoric in Jazz Discourse: Gendering Improvisational Unknowns” and “‘Women Like Her Cannot Be Contained’: Viewership and Musical Rupture in Beyoncé’s Lemonade (2016)”

Nov 8Lisa Koops (CWRU): “From the Media to Parents and Back Again: Media Messaging on Parents and Music”

Nov 15Naomi André (University of Michigan): “Engaged Opera: South Africa, Social Justice, and the Isango Ensemble”

Nov 22Elizabeth Cassidy Parker (Temple University): “What We Might Learn from Listening to the Voices of Adolescent Musicians”

Spring 2019

Jan 25: Stephanie Ruozzo (CWRU), “Worth Their Weight in Gold[en Age Critical Standards]: Musical Structure in Jerome Kern’s Princess Theatre Shows”

Feb 8: Annette Richards (Cornell), “Sensibility Triumphant and the Return of Feeling”

Feb 15, 12:45 p.m.: Rebecca Cypess (Rutgers), “Experiencing Ephemerae in the Salon of Madame Brillon”

Feb 22: Kathleen Horvath (CWRU), Title TBA 

Mar 1: Dale Cockrell (MTSU), “Blood on Fire: Sex, Music, and Dance from Minstrelsy to Jazz” [Sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies]

Mar 22: Brent Talbot (Gettysburg College), “Assemblages, Habits of Coloniality, and Systemic Oppression in/through Music Education”                                   

Mar 29, 4:30 p.m. [Spartan Rehearsal Hall]: Michael Largey (MSU), “Teaching Teachers Vernacular Music” [Keynote Speaker: Spring Music Education and Popular Music Conference]

Apr 5: Jack Hamilton (UVA), “Future Paradise: Synthesis and Stevie Wonder’s Classic Period” [Sponsored by the Center for Popular Music Studies]

Apr 12: Jennifer Saltzstein (OU), “Power, Privacy, and Performance: The Gendered Song-Space of the Medieval Garden”

Mon., Apr. 15, 4:00 p.m. [Clark Hall 206]: David Huron (Ohio State, Dpt. of Music and Center for Cognitive Neuroscience), “That Complex Whole: Making Sense of Music”

Fall 2018

Sep 7: David Rothenberg (CWRU), “Eternal Rest, Perpetual Light, and the Last Judgment: Brumel’s Dies irae and the Requiem Tradition”

Sep 14: Cynthia Taggart (Michigan State University), “Redefining Musicianship for Music Educators”

Sep 21: Charles Carson (UT Austin),  Just Outside the Austin City Limits: Jazz, Genre, and Tourism in the “Live Music Capital of the World ™”  (sponsored by the CPMS)

Sep 28: Ian MacMillen (Oberlin College and Conservatory), “Playing It Dangerously: Rhythm, Affect, and Race among Popular Croatian and Romani Tambura Bands”

Oct 5: Mary Simonson (Colgate University), Keynote speaker, Musicology Grad Student Conference, “Popular Music, Popular Movement(s)”

Oct 12: Sophie Benn (CWRU), “The Apportionment of Time: Friedrich Zorn’s Tanzkunst and Musical

Grammar,” AND Sam Nemeth (CWRU), “Berlioz’s National Monumentalism: Expanding the Soft Power Paradigm”

Oct 26: Susan McClary (CWRU), “Pre- and Postmodern Takes on Stradella’s Susanna

Nov 9: Nick Stevens (CWRU), “Long Strings and Singing Things: Postopera, the Posthuman, Time, Drone, Apocalypse”

Nov 16: Jack Hamilton (University of Virginia), “Future Paradise: Synthesis and Stevie Wonder’s Classic Period”  (sponsored by the CPMS)

Nov 30: Benjamin Helton (CWRU), “Pragmatic Considerations for Music Advocacy and Policy”

Spring 2018

Jan 19: Ross Duffin (CWRU), “Some Other Note: Reconstructing the Lost Songs of English Renaissance Comedy”

Jan 26: Elizabeth Tracy (CWRU): “Innovators in the Classroom: In-Service Teachers Creating and Implementing Secondary Non-Band, -Choir, and -Orchestra Courses”

Feb 2: Ruth Wright (Western University): “Is Gramsci Dead? Revisiting Hegemony in 21st Century Music Education”

Feb 9: Jacqueline Waeber (Duke University): “Rousseau’s Pygmalion and the Limits of Operatic Expression”

Feb 16: Ben Harbert (Georgetown University) “Filmmaking as Expressive Understanding of Music Making”
[Note: Harbert’s film, Follow Me Down, will be screened at the Cleveland Museum of Art at 6:45 pm, following the talk]

Feb 23: Charles McGovern (William and Mary): “The Color Line and the Product Line: Race and Consumer Culture in Postwar Pop”

Mar 23: Georgia Cowart (CWRU): “Artistic Luxury and Italianisme: The Crozat Concerts in 1720s Paris”

Apr 6: Ryan Scherber (CWRU): “Do we see ourselves as others do? Preservice music educators’ ability to self-assess expressivity”

Apr 13:  Danielle Fosler-Lussier (Ohio State University): “Transnationalism Comes Home: UNESCO, USIA, and Women’s Advocacy for Music”

Apr 20: Jazz Conference (CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Apr 27: Melina Esse (Eastman School of Music): “Divinely Inspired: Incantation and the Making of Melody in Bellini’s Norma

Fall 2017

Sep 1: Lisa Nielson (CWRU), “Piety, Perdition or Pleasure? Debating Music in the Medieval Islamicate World”

Sep 8: Rachel McNellis (CWRU), “Notating the Sounding Spheres: Baude Cordier’s Tout par compas as Diagram, Image, and Transformative Space”

Sep 15: Debra Nagy (Les Délices), “Whispers in the Dark: Performance Practice Issues in Montéclair’s Pyrame et Thisbé”

Sep 22: Lisa Huisman Koops (CWRU), “Parenting Musically: Functional and Relational Musicking in Family Life”

Sep 29: Paul Abdullah (CWRU), “Shakespearean Storms in German Opera: The Tempest in 1798”

Oct 6: Film Music Conference (CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Oct 13: William Fredrickson (Florida State University), “Perception of Musical Tension”

Oct 20: Kaitlin Doyle (CWRU), Radical Intelligence: Consciousness and Communication in Pauline Oliveros’s Sonic Meditations (1974)
and Meredith Monk’s Dolmen Music (1979)

Oct 27: Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University), “For He Has Taste and the Most Profound Knowledge of Composition”

Nov 3: William Cheng (Dartmouth College), “So You’ve Been Musically Shamed”

Nov 17: Anne Stone (CUNY), “Machaut’s Rhythmic Invention”

Dec 1: Berthold Hoeckner (University of Chicago), “Remembering Atticus – Remembering Boo: Racial Subtexts in the Music for To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)”

Dec 8: Jason Falkofsky, Kelsey Giotta, Nicholas Marzuola, and Allison Paetz (CWRU), “Qualitative Fieldwork in Music Education”

Spring 2017

Jan 27: Nicholas Stevens (CWRU): “The Hotel Room and The Imaginary Museum: Remembering Twentieth-Century Music in Thomas Adès’s Powder Her Face”

Feb 3: Jarryn Ha (CWRU): “Over Our Fallen Comrades: Mass Singing at South Korean Protests as a Musical Communion”

Feb 10: Kate Rogers (CWRU): “‘He’s Hooked, He’s Hooked, His Brain is Cooked’: Projections of Technomasculinity in 1980s Video Game Novelty Songs”

Feb 17: Karl Hagestrom Miller (UVA): “Sound Investments: Amateur Musicians Make American Pop”

Feb 24: Annual Meeting of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music

Mar 3: Susan McClary (CWRU):  “Unwashed Masses: Music for the Morning After”

Mar 24: Reginald Sanders (Kenyon College): “Church Music in Hamburg during the time of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and the Reforms that Followed”

Mar 31: Kathleen Horvath (CWRU): “Trends and Realities in Performance Arts Medicine”

Apr 7: Margaret Berg (University of Colorado Boulder): “Comprehensive Musicianship: A Sociocultural-Historical Consideration of a Road Less Traveled”

Apr 14: Arved Ashby (Ohio State): “Ut Pictura Musica: Revisiting Representation in Mahler”

Apr 21: Anne Robertson (University of Chicago): “Beads, Books, and Rituals: Josquin and the Material Culture of the Late Middle Ages”

Apr 28: Sherry Lee (University of Toronto): “Teddie’s Landschaft”

Fall 2016

Sep. 9:  Kerri Wayne (CWRU): “Diversity beyond “Neutrality”: Disrupting the Depoliticisation of Musical Arts Education in South Africa”            

Sep. 16: Tammy Kernodle (Miami University, Ohio): “Come Go with Me to Freedomland: Examining the Intersection of Music, Race and Gender at the 1963 March on Washington”

Sep. 30: Loren Kajikawa (University of Oregon): “Making Beats, Producing Meaning: Rap Songs, Race, and Music Analysis”

Oct. 7: Frank Diaz (Indiana University): “Attentional Self-Regulation and Musical Experiences: Dissecting Dualisms between Empirical, Embodied, and Phenomenological Frameworks”

Oct. 14: Julia Doe (Columbia University): “The King, the Queen, and the Farmer: Pastoral Politics at the Bourbon Court”

Oct. 28: Mary Ann Smart (UC Berkeley): Title TBA

Nov. 11: Luke Conklin (CWRU): “Le Raphael de la Musique: Jean-Phillipe Rameau’s Musical Paintings”

Nov. 18: John Romey (CWRU): “How Street Singers and Society Ladies Shaped Comic Opera in France”     

Dec. 2:  Suzannah Clark (Harvard University): “Weber’s Rest”

Dec. 9: Ellie M. Hisama (Columbia University): “The Sonic Imagination of Isaac Julien”

Spring 2016

Jan. 15: Emily Zazulia (UC Berkeley): “Figuring Sound: Notions of Rhythm in the Late

Middle Ages”

Jan. 22: Georgia Cowart (CWRU): “Watteau, the Musical Stage, and the Burial of Louis


Jan. 29:  Paul O’Dette (Eastman School of Music): “Rethinking the Performance of

Renaissance Music, or What was Really so New about the ‘New Music’?”

Feb. 5: Sherrie Tucker (University of Kansas): “Dance Floor Democracy: The Social

Geography of Memory at the Hollywood Canteen”

Feb. 19:  Guy Spielmann (Georgetown University): “Restitutive Stagings of Less-

Documented Genres: Acting, Singing and Music in an 18th-century French Parade”

Feb. 26: Nathan Kruse (CWRU) “Reminiscence and Music Participation among Older Adults:

Intersections of Social Gerontology and Music Education.”

Mar. 18: Roger Moseley (Cornell University): “Play and Display: Technologies of

Musical Recreation”

Apr. 1:  Mary Cohen (University of Iowa): “Musicking as a Means to Build Social

Cohesion: Exploring a Community of Caring Inside a Prison”

Apr. 8:  Elaine Sisman (Columbia University): “Tripping the Late Fantastic: Haydn’s

Avian Mechanisms and Their Progeny”

Apr. 15: Michael Baumgartner (Cleveland State University): “Jean-Luc Godard and Meta-Film Music”

Fall 2015

Sept. 4: John Romey (CWRU): “Bellérophon in Vaudevilles: Appropriation of Street Culture by the Comédie-Italienne”
and Mandy Smith (CWRU): “Experiential Learning with the Drum Kit”

Sept. 11: Sezi Seskir (Bucknell University): “Musical topoi in Brahms’ late piano works”

Sept. 18: Brian Wright (CWRU): “‘A Bastard Instrument’: The Electric Bass, Jazz, and the Stigmatization of Musical Practice”
and Peter Graff (CWRU): “Portal to the Orient: Lobby Spectacles and The Thief of Bagdad”

Sept. 25: Dan Batchelder (CWRU): “Mickey Mousing, Performance, and Dramatic Integration in Disney’s Early Animation”

Oct. 2: CWRU Graduate student conference “Popular Music and Community”

Oct. 9: Erin Headley (University of Southampton): “The Lirone: Its Practice, Culture and Spirituality”

Oct. 23: Jessica Nápoles (University of Utah): “Presentation Skills: Content vs. Delivery”

Oct. 30: Elizabeth Tracy and Marshall Haning (CWRU): “Going Beyond the Ensemble: Commonalities and Differences Between
Secondary Nonperformance Music Courses” and Barry Hartz (CSU): “Cultivating Individual Musicianship and
Ensemble Performance Through Notation-Free Learning in Three High School Band Programs”

Nov. 6: Oded Zehavi (University of Haifa): “Cultural Identity as a Composer”

Nov. 20: Elijah Wald (Independent Scholar): “Dylan Goes Electric! Music, Myth, and History”

Dec. 4: John Howland (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): “‘Hot Buttered Soul’ and Billboard Jazz:
The Curious Case of Isaac Hayes and the Intersections of Jazz and Soul, 1969-1973”

Spring 2015

Jan. 16: Steven Bruns (University of Colorado, Boulder): “Approaching Meaning in the Music of George Crumb”

Jan. 23: Aaron Manela (CWRU): “Tokenism, Codes and Embodiment on The Backyardigans: The Animated Body as Cultural Subject”

Jan. 30: Mandy Smith (CWRU): “‘Drumming is My Madness’: The Primitive in Late 1960s Rock Drumming”

Feb. 6: Arne Spohr (Bowling Green State University): “Aural Architecture as an Instrument of Power: The Stuttgart Lusthaus and Its Concealed Music”

Feb. 13: Michael Bane (CWRU): “The Art of Singing Well: Bertrand de Bacilly and Issues of Amateur Performance Practice in Seventeenth-Century France”

Feb. 27: Devin Burke (CWRU): “Technologies of the (Animated) Body: Living Statues in Ancien-Régime Spectacle”

Mar. 20: Susan Fast (McMaster University): “The Politics of Retro: Precarity and Privilege in Sounding the Past” (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Mar. 27: Evan Tobias (Arizona State University): “Considering Implications of Contemporary Digital Media for Music Engagement, Teaching, and Learning”

Apr. 10: M. Jennifer Bloxam (Williams College): “Obrecht Preaching: Strategies in Sermons and Motets circa 1500”

Apr. 17: Kathleen Horvath (CWRU): “Multivariate Analysis of Pianists and Violinists”

Apr. 24: Robynn Stilwell (Georgetown University): “Giving Voice to Girls’ Stories in BraveFrozen, and The Hunger Games Trilogy”

Spring 2014

Jan. 17: R. Larry Todd (Duke University): “Mendelssohn, Fanny Hensel and the Cello, with a Newly Reconstructed Work”

Jan. 24: Brenton Grom (CWRU): “New England Psalmody in Transdisciplinary Space”

Jan. 31: Ian MacMillen (Oberlin College): “Conscription into Intimacy’s Assemblages: Popular Tambura Bands and Gendered Power in Post-War Croatia”

Feb. 7: Daniel Goldmark (CWRU): “Hanna-Barbera, John K., and the (Minimalist) Sounds of Nostalgia”

Feb. 21: Barry Shank (Ohio State University): “The Continuing Methodological Value of Participatory Discrepancies” (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Feb. 28: Jacqueline Warwick (Dalhousie University): “Child’s Play: Musical Prodigies and Child Labor” (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Mar. 21: Chris Horvath (Los Angeles): “Where’s the Money? Music Publishing; Because If You Heard It, Someone Got Paid” (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Mar. 28: Susan Boynton (Columbia University): “Music as Text and Music as Image”

Apr. 4: Patricia Shehan Campbell (University of Washington): “The Phenomenon of Children’s Musical Cultures”

Apr. 11: Joy H. Calico (Vanderbilt University): “Arnold Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsaw in Postwar Europe”

Apr. 25: Matthew Garrett (CWRU): “A Seat at The Table: LGBTQ Inclusion in School Music Classrooms”

Apr. 26 (Saturday, 10am-5:30pm): Drumming conference (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies), with presentations by Robert Walser (CWRU), Mandy Smith (CWRU), Mark Ferber (CCNY), Steven Baur (Dalhousie University), and Gareth Dylan Smith (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London), as well as a concert featuring David Ake (CWRU, piano), Mark Ferber (CCNY, drums), and Marty Block (Cleveland, bass).

Fall 2014

Sept. 5: Alanna Ropchock (CWRU): “The Medici, the Habsburgs, and Martin Luther: Context and Transmission of Josquin’s Missa Pange lingua in Reformation Germany”

Sept. 12: Erin Smith (CWRU): “Popular Music and the New Woman in the Progressive Era”

Sept. 19: Gundula Kreuzer (Yale University): “Wagnerian Technologies”

Sept. 26: Alice-Ann Darrow (Florida State University): “Disability and the Arts: What’s So Wicked about Wicked?”

Oct. 10: Lisa Huisman Koops (CWRU): “The Enjoyment Cycle: Joy and Agency in Musical Play”

Oct. 17: Christopher H. Gibbs (Bard College): “Late Schubert and the Ghost of Beethoven”

Oct. 31: Jed Wentz (Conservatorium van Amsterdam): “Dissecting the Passions: Lallemant, Rameau and the Affect of Harmony”

Nov. 14: Jessie Ann Owens (UC Davis): “Key, Tune and Air in Thomas Morley’s A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke (1597)”

Nov. 20 (Thursday), 4:30pm, Clark Hall 206: Francesca Brittan (CWRU): “Electric Baton: Science, Sound, and the Romantic Conductor” (sponsored by the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities)

Nov. 21: Dana Gooley (Brown University): “Franz Liszt’s Improvisational Imagination”

Spring 2013

Jan. 18: Susan McClary (CWRU): “Salome in the Court of Queen Christina”

Jan. 25: Charles Hiroshi Garrett (University of Michigan): “Joking Matters: Mediating the Digital Revolution”

Feb. 1: Randall Everett Allsup (Teachers College, Columbia University): “Music Teacher Quality and Expertise”

Feb. 8: Mandy Smith (CWRU): “Musical Signifyin(g) and a Percussive Aesthetic in the Music of Charley Patton and His Immediate Circle”

Feb. 15: Richard Will (University of Virginia): “100 Years of Seduction”

Feb. 22: Annegret Fauser (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill): “Cosmopolitan Nationalism: Foreigners in Paris in the Long Nineteenth Century”

Mar. 1: Charles Kronengold (Stanford University): “Crediting Thinking in Soul Music”

Mar. 22: Benjamin Brand (University of North Texas): “Barbarous Franks or Perfidious Romans? The Creation and Transmission of the Earliest Office Responsories for the Sanctorale

Apr. 5: Francesca Brittan (CWRU): “Fantasy, Philology, and the Nineteenth-Century Inferno”

Apr. 12: Richard Crawford (University of Michigan): “Writing For Your Next-Door Neighbor: Scenes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess

Apr. 13 (Saturday, 9am-5pm): Conference “’Sing Me That Song Again’: The History and Impact of Tin Pan Alley” (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies), with presentations by Walter Frisch (Columbia University), Keir Keightley (University of Western Ontario), Jeffrey Magee (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne), Gillian Rodger (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Rose Rosengard Subotnik (Brown University), “My Father’s Musical Time-Capsule:  American Songs, Sheet Music, and the Dream that Got Away”

Apr. 19: Howard Pollack (University of Houston): “Uses of Popular Music Styles in Marc Blitzstein’s The Cradle Will Rock” (Sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies)

Fall 2013

Sept. 6: Robert Walser (CWRU): “Why Are There So Many Songs?”

Sept. 13: Stephen E. Hefling (CWRU), in collaboration with Morten Solvik (IES Abroad, Vienna): “Natalie Bauer-Lechner’s ‘Letter on Mahler’s Loves’: Introducing a New Manuscript Source”

Sept. 20: Michael Bane (CWRU): “French Noble Amateurism and the Aesthetic of Ease: The Case of Francesco Corbetta’s ‘Royal Guitar'”; Armin Karim (CWRU): “‘My People, What Have I Done to You?’: A History of the Good Friday Reproaches”

Sept. 27: Neil Lerner (Davidson College): “Mario’s Dynamic Leaps: Musical Innovations and Backwards Glances in Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.”

Oct. 4: James Webster (Cornell University): “Did Haydn Have a ‘Late’ Style?”

Oct. 11: Daniel Boomhower (CWRU): “Fixing Bach: Manuscript Transmission of the B-minor Mass in Late 18th-century Berlin”

Oct. 25: Peter Bennett (CWRU): “Hearing King David at the Court of Louis XIII: Psalm Settings from the Musique de la Chambre and the Rise of the ‘Absolute’ Monarchy”

Nov. 1: Lisa Nielson (CWRU): “Musician Narratives and the Literary Performance of Musical Identity in the Early Abbasid Courts”

Nov. 16 (Saturday, 10am-4pm): Queer Popular Music conference (sponsored by the CWRU Center for Popular Music Studies), with presentations by Mitchell Morris (Amherst College), Alice Echols (University of Southern California), Judith Peraino (Cornell University), and Stephan Pennington (Tufts University); Susan McClary (CWRU), discussant

Nov. 18 (Monday, 7:30pm, Harkness Chapel): Ellen Harris (MIT), Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar: “Politics in Early Eighteenth-Century Britain: Why Handel was Fired and Other Stories” (co-sponsored by the Alpha of Ohio Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa)

Nov. 22: Hildegard Froehlich (University of North Texas): “The Self, Music Education, and Interactionism: Toward a Pragmatic Sociology for Music Teaching and Learning”

Dec. 6: Nathan Kruse (CWRU): “The Jumping Flea Renaissance: Leisure and ‘Ohana in an Intergenerational ‘Ukulele Club”

Fall 2012

Sep 7: Georgia Cowart (CWRU): "The Performative Audience of Baroque Opera"

Sep. 14: Elizabeth A. Hankins, David C. Scalise, Lisa Huisman Koops, & Matthew D. Schatt (CWRU): “Rock Orchestra Alumni Reflections on the Impact of Participation in The Lakewood Project

Sep. 21: Devin Burke (CWRU): “Goodbye, Old Arm: Civil War Veterans’ Disabilities in Popular Songs”

Sep. 28: Leah Branstetter (CWRU): “The Hidden Histories of Wanda Jackson’s ‘Fujiyama Mama'”

Oct. 5: Kelly St. Pierre (Youngstown State University and CWRU): “Revolutionizing Czechness: Smetana and Propaganda in the Umělecká beseda”

Oct. 12: Peter Webster (Northwestern University): “Creative Teaching Ideas for College Music Teaching”

Oct. 26: David Rothenberg (CWRU): “The Gate that Carries Christ: Wordplay and Liturgical Signification in the Motet Porta preminentie / Porta penitentie / PORTAS

Nov. 9: Stephen Hefling (CWRU): “‘Alles vergängliche ist nur ein Gleichnis’: Justine Mahler’s Faust Notebook”

Nov. 16: Brian MacGilvray (CWRU): “Shaping the Memento Mori: Froberger’s ‘Meditation faite sur ma mort future’ and Seventeenth-Century Vanitas Art”

Nov. 30: Stephanie Vander Wel (State University of New York at Buffalo): “Sweetly Strident: Vocalizing Domesticity in Barn Dance Radio”

Fall 2011

Sept. 9: Lauren Onkey (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum): “The Rock Hall Induction Process: Populism, Canons, and the Challenge to Expertise”

Sept. 16: Sarah Tomasewski (CWRU): “Talking over Music: Song, Dance, and Musical Performance at Anne C. L. Botta’s New York Salon, 1845-1891” (Clark Hall 206; reception at 4:00, talk at 4:30; co-sponsored by the Arts & Sciences Dissertation Seminar)

Sept. 23: Nora Morrison (CWRU): “Hollering in Makeup: Masculinity in Early Rock & Roll Performances”

Sept. 30: Dale Cockrell (Vanderbilt University): “Towards a Public Musicology: The Case of Laura Ingalls Wilder” (sponsored by the CWRU Rock and Popular Music Institute)

Oct. 7: Andrew Weaver (Catholic University of America): “‘Da hab ich ihr gestanden’: Framing the Narrative Voice inDichterliebe

Oct. 14: Charles Hersch (Cleveland State University): “Jazz Jews: Jewish Jazz Musicians and Ethnic Identity” (sponsored by the CWRU Rock and Popular Music Institute)

Oct. 28: Christina Fuhrmann (Ashland University): “Sir Henry Rowley Bishop: Perverse or Prophetic?”

Nov. 4: Andrew Shenton (Boston University): “Analytical Approaches to Arvo Pärt’s Tintinnabuli Technique”

Nov. 18: Rebecca Harris-Warrick (Cornell University): “Staging the Dances in Lully’s Operas” (featuring a baroque dance performance by Ensemble Forlana)

Dec. 2: Daniel Goldmark (CWRU): “Pixar and the Sounds of Nostalgia”

Spring 2012

Jan. 27: Charles Atkinson (Ohio State University): “Dippermouth Blues and Ad te levavi: Modes of Transmission and the Question of Musical Identity”

Feb. 3: Michael Alan Anderson (Eastman School of Music): “The Politics of Devotion in Music for Marguerite of Navarre”

Feb. 10: Samuel Dorf (University of Dayton): “Théodore Reinach’s Piano: Musicology, Archaeology and the Performance of ‘Past.'”

Thursday Feb. 16 (12:00pm, Clark Hall, Rm. 206): Thomas Forrest Kelly (Harvard University): “Performance Practice in Chant: A Case Study”

Thursday Feb. 23, 6:15pm: Denis Herlin (Centre national de la recherché scientifique): “Debussy and the Circle of Independent Art” (co-sponsored by the Consulat Général de France)

Feb. 24: Joseph Straus (CUNY Graduate Center): “In Defense of Autism and Postwar Serialism as Neurodiverse Forms of Cultural Modernism”

Mar. 2: Craig Werner (University of Wisconsin): “We Gotta Get Out of This Place: Music, Memory and the Experience of Vietnam Veterans” (sponsored by the Rock and Popular Music Institute, CWRU)

Mar. 9: Sarah Clemmens Waltz (University of the Pacific): “Ossian and Celtic Inspiration in the Beethovenzeit

Mar. 23: Jairo Moreno (University of Pennsylvania): “Signatures of the Audible”

Apr. 13: Alanna Ropchock (CWRU): “The Body of Christ Divided: Josquin’s Missa Pange lingua in Reformation Germany”

Apr. 20: Derek Katz (UC Santa Barbara): “New Friends of the Juilliard Quartet: Presentation and Promotion of Chamber Music in Mid-Twentieth-Century New York City”

Apr. 27: Rick Altman (University of Iowa): “Establishing Sound”

Fall 2010

Sept. 10: Mary Davis (CWRU): “The Next to Last Dance: Diaghilev and Le Bal

Sept. 17: Peter Bennett; CWRU: “Collaborations between Chambre and Chapelle in Seventeenth-Century France: The “King’s two bodies” as a Model for Louis XIV’s grand motet

Sept. 24: Charles McGuire (Oberlin College Conservatory): “English Missionaries and Hymnody in Madagascar: Tonic Sol-fa and Aesthetic Conquest”

Oct. 1: Tsitsi Jaji (University of Pennsylvania): “Sight Reading: Musical Transcription among Early Black South African Modernists”

Oct. 8: Wendy Heller (Princeton University): “‘Il maggior diletto’: Staging Ovidian fantasies in Barberini Rome”

Oct. 22: Diana Tittle (Guest Lecturer): “Love Story: The Tragic Severance Family Romance that Uplifted Western Reserve University” (Harkness Chapel; co-sponsored by the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities)

Oct. 29: Paul Cox (CWRU): “An Imaginary America: Cage and Cunningham’s Credo in US (1942)”

Nov. 12: Pierpaolo Polzinetti (Notre Dame): “Figaro’s Transatlantic Crossings”

Nov. 19: David Breitman (Oberlin College Conservatory): “Getting out of the Ghetto: Performance Practice in the Real World”

Spring 2011

Jan. 21: Rebecca Maloy (University of Colorado, Boulder): “The Chants of Old Hispanic Lent: Liturgical Planning and Musical Grammar”

Jan. 28: Devin Burke (CWRU): “The World of Tone and the World of Appearances: Sign Language, Music, and Beethoven”

Feb. 11: Kelly St. Pierre (CWRU): “Literary and Musical Reception of Irving’s Fantastic ‘Sleepy Hollow'”

Feb. 18: Armin Karim (CWRU): “‘My people, what have I done to you?’: Towards a Musical and Cultural History of the Good Friday Reproaches”

Feb. 25: Derek Katz (UC Santa Barbara): “Apache Dances in the Futuristic Cellar: Erwin Schulhoff as Dresden Ãœberdada” (canceled due to weather)

Mar. 18: Jeremiah Davenport (CWRU): “Trans Women, LadyBoys, and the Plight of Gender Bending: RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Construction of Hegemonic Drag”

Mar. 25: Kate van Orden (UC Berkeley): “Musica Transalpina: French Music, Musicians, and Culture in 16th-century Italy”

Apr. 1: Thomas Christensen (University of Chicago): “Tonality Before and After”

Apr. 8: Rose Subotnik (Brown Unviersity): “How Many Ways Can You Fetishize a Song? From Adorno to American Idol”

Apr. 15: Jonathan Kregor (University of Cincinnati): “Liszt’s New Germans and the Old German School”

Apr 22: Georgia Cowart (CWRU): “Watteau’s Musical Utopias: Visions of a New France” (co-sponsored by the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities)

Fall 2009

Sept. 11: Paul Berry (University of North Texas): “Married, with Children: Musical Borrowing, Textual Intersection, and Interpersonal Context in Brahms’s Occasional Songs” (co-sponsored by the German Studies program)

Sept. 18: Paul Cox (CWRU): “Genre Confusion in John Cage’s Credo in US

Sept. 25: Lily Hirsch (Cleveland State University): “Defining ‘Jewish Music’ in Nazi Germany: Handel and the Berlin Jewish Culture League”

Oct. 2: Francesca Brittan (CWRU): “Cultures of Musical Failure: The Really Terrible Orchestra and Beyond”

Oct. 23: Kitty Preston (College of William and Mary): “Confronting the Stereotypes, Confounding Cultural Hierarchy: An Unexplored Web of American Musical Life, 1876-1880”

Oct. 30: Georgia Cowart (CWRU): “Watteau, Music, and Theater.”

Nov. 6: Ross Duffin (CWRU): “How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and why you should care)”

Nov. 20: Jason Geary (University of Michigan): “Brünnhilde’s Fate: Greek Tragedy, Wagner’s Ring, and the Redemption of Humanity”

Spring 2010

Jan. 22: Alex Bonus (CWRU): “Johann Maelzel, the Metronome, and Mechanical Music in Nineteenth-Century America”

Jan. 29: Daniel Goldmark: “So You Want to Write a Song? Tin Pan Alley’s Formula for Success”

Feb. 5: A conversation with Pierre Boulez (Harkness Chapel)

Feb. 12: Richard Kolb (CWRU): “Antonio Francesco Tenaglia and Mid-seventeenth Century Vocal Chamber Music” (Harkness Chapel)

Feb. 19: David J. Rothenberg (CWRU): “Ave regina caelorum: Singing Angels, Secular Song, and Devotion to the Virgin in Fifteenth-Century Music and Art.”

Feb. 26: Kelly St. Pierre (CWRU): “The Umelecká Beseda and the Formulation of a “Czech” Musical Voice”

Mar. 19: Rob C. Wegman (Princeton University): “The World According to Anonymous IV”

Mar. 26: Colin Roust (Oberlin College Conservatory): “Singing in the Dark: A Chorus of Women Prisoners in Occupied Paris, 1943-44.”

Apr. 2: Barbara Swanson (CWRU): “Lamentation and Affect: Giovanni Guidetti’s Reform of Holy Week Chant”

April 9: Greil Marcus (Scholar-at-Large): Title TBA

Apr. 16: Margarita Mazo (Ohio State): “Igor Stravinsky: Performing the Self through Composing Les Noces”

Apr. 23: Sarah Tomasewski (CWRU): “Facebooking in the Nineteenth Century: Salon Culture in the United States from 1845-1891”

2005-2009: Music & Culture Series

April 10, 2009: Dissonant Mozart  -Scott Burnham

April 3, 2009: Music: Nature, and the Aesthetics of Time-Space Relations in The Girl of the Golden West  -Richard Leppert

March 23, 2009: Mozart Reception and Performance 1756-present  -Neal Zaslaw

February 20, 2009: The End of Early Music  -Bruce Haynes

December 5, 2008: Uses of the Vernacular in George Gershwin’s Concert Music  -Howard Pollack

October 16, 2008: Musical Instruments and the Instrumentality of Painting  -Lydia Goehr

March 27, 2008: Marginalizing the Center: Jazz Historiography and Jazz Education  -David Ake

February 8, 2008: Embracing Classical Music  -Larry Kramer

December 6, 2007: The Far Country: Elgar, Proust and Constructions of Memory in the Fin-de-Siecle  -Byron Adams

October 18, 2007: Songs & Meaning in the Movies  -Claudia Gorbman

October 4, 2007: Anti-Jewish Sentiment in Baroque Music  -Michael Marissen

April 23, 2007: From Italy to Germany and Beyond via France – Les Goûts réunis in the Music of Michel-Richard de Lalande (1657-1726)  -Lionel Sawkins

April 4, 2007: Fighting Sin in English Music of the Late Middle Ages  -Anne Walters Robertson

February 22, 2007: Bob Dylan at Hibbing High School  -Greil Marcus

March 23, 2006: Leonard Bernstein in the Early 1950s: Theater, Genre, Cultural Critique  -Carol Oja

November 15, 2005: Labyrinths and Music  -Craig Wright

September 16, 2005: In the Beginning: Creation Scenarios from Mozart to Schubert  -Maynard Solomon

Department of Music Colloquia