Campus Fire Log

Case Western Reserve’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety maintains a written Fire Log that records required incident information concerning fires that occur in on-campus student housing facilities.

In addition to the Fire Log, the university is required to provide an annual report to the campus community on the fires recorded in the Fire Log. The Fire Statistics section is intended to satisfy this requirement and contains information about all fires recorded in the Fire Log.

The Fire Log provides the date reported, nature, date the fire occurred, time, and general location of each fire. The university is required to update the Fire Log within two business days of receiving the information about a fire in an on-campus housing facility.

The Fire Log will be open to public inspection for the most recent 60-day period during normal business hours. Any portion of the Fire Log older than 60 days will be made available within two business days of a request for public inspection.

To report that a fire has occurred on campus (non-emergency) so that it may be included in the Fire Log, please contact Andrew Samoson, the Fire and Life Safety Specialist for Case Western Reserve University, at 216.368.2907 or

Below, you’ll find reports of cooking fires, laboratory accidents and more. Attention to cooking and laboratory safety as well as attending safety trainings can help prevent most of the fires that occur on the CWRU Campus.

Currently there are no incidents in residence halls for 2021.

Fire Logs