Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers of appropriate type and size are provided as required in all areas. Extinguishers are inspected, tested, maintained and documented as required by the Ohio Fire Code.

Fire extinguishers are provided throughout all university buildings for the use by trained students, faculty, and staff. Please contact the EHS office, Andrew Samoson, at 216.368.2907 for upcoming training opportunities.

Fire doubles in size every 30 seconds so knowing how to properly and safely extinguish a fire is a huge advantage. An average extinguisher discharges completely in less than 1 minute. Therefore, it is important that you know at least two locations for extinguishers! Under the Ohio Fire Code, there is a 75-foot travel distance between extinguishers.

Safety Precautions

  • Before using a fire extinguisher, ALWAYS pull the building fire alarm first.
  • Do not attempt to use a fire extinguisher if the fire is large and spreading. Use it only for small fire-defense (e.g., a waste paper basket).
  • Do not use the fire extinguisher if the lock pin is tampered, the cylinder is damaged, or if the pressure gauge pointer is in the ‘RECHARGE’ zone.
  • Do not use the fire extinguisher if you are not trained and confident about using it.
  • Read the extinguisher label to check if it is of right type for the kind of fire at hand. The label indicates one or more of the following fire classes and symbols and specific applications for which it can be used.
  • Protect yourself at all times:
    • Never block your escape route.
    • Stay low. Avoid breathing the heated smoke and fumes.
    • If the fire cannot be controlled, get out immediately to safety.
How to use a fire extinguisher PASS; pull the pin in the handle. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. Squeeze the lever slowly. Sweep from side to side