Graduate Advisor Newsletter - September 2023

Crawford Hall as viewed from across the Main Case Quad

Welcome to this month's edition of the School of Graduate Studies newsletter to faculty advisors! Below you will find information on upcoming deadlines, academic policies, news, and more. Past newsletters will be archived on our website for you to review any time you wish.

Important Upcoming Dates

Please make sure you and your students are aware of important dates and deadlines. Some may require your review, approval, and signature.

  • Oct 6 - Deadline to Apply for January 2024 Graduation
  • Oct 23 & 24 - Fall Break
  • Nov 10 - Deadline for Class Withdrawal
  • Nov 10 - Deadline to Audit
  • Nov 10 - Final date to resolve Spring and Summer 2023 Incompletes

Academic Policy Briefs

Applying for January Graduation

If your student has completed or will complete all graduation requirements this fall semester they will need to apply in SIS for January graduation by Friday, October 6. If they applied to graduate in spring or summer 2023 but did not complete all requirements they must apply again this semester. All graduation materials must be submitted to by December 8.

Fall Break

Students in the School of Graduate Studies will receive a two-day break from classes and class activities corresponding to the undergraduate calendar: Monday, October 23 and Tuesday, October 24. Please note that this exemption applies only to classes and class activities; faculty may still require graduate students to perform research activities during fall break.

Useful Information

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Students in research-based STEM programs within their first twelve months of graduate school and those about to start graduate education should consider applying for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP). Accepted students will receive three years of funding including $12,000 toward educational expenses and $37,000 as a cost-of-living stipend annually. Students should self-enroll in our NSF GRFP Canvas site, sign-up to have their application reviewed prior to submission, and attend NSF sponsored webinars. Details and registration links can be found in CampusGroups.

The deadline to apply varies by your students' fields of study but will be in the second half of October.

Application Open for 2024

The application is now open for prospective students to apply to Graduate Studies for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2024. The application site can be found here. Check out the SGS website for Application Deadlines and Instructions. Any questions related to Admissions can be directed to

University Resources

Please be aware of University Resources you can share with your students as needed. We will highlight a few each month.