Graduate Advisor Newsletter June 2024

Masters' & PhD Graduates at Commencement 2024

Welcome to this month's edition of the School of Graduate Studies newsletter to faculty advisors! Below you will find information on upcoming deadlines, academic policies, news, and more. Past newsletters will be archived on our website for you to review any time you wish.

Important Upcoming Dates

Please make sure you and your students are aware of important dates and deadlines. Some may require your review, approval, and signature.

  • Jun 7: Waiver of Registration Deadline
  • Jun 7: Apply for Summer Graduation Deadline
  • Jun 19: Juneteenth University Holiday
  • Jul 4-5: Independence Day Holiday
  • Jul 19: Deadline to Submit All Materials for Graduation
  • July 31: Last Day of Summer Classes
  • Aug 2: Final Grades Due to Registrar (12:00pm EDT)

Academic Policy Briefs

Waiver of Registration

Students who were registered for at least one credit hour during the spring semester may be eligible to waive registration for the summer semester, if they submit all final materials, including the Waiver of Registration form, to by Friday, June 7. Your student must also apply to graduate in SIS. The Waiver of Registration form does not require your signature as advisor but international students must also have it signed by International Student Services (ISS).

Applying for Summer Graduation

If your student has completed or will complete all graduation requirements this semester they will need to apply in SIS for August graduation by Friday, June 7. If they applied to graduate in spring 2024 but did not complete all requirements they must apply again this semester. All graduation materials (for students not qualifying for the Waiver of Registration) must be submitted to by July 19.

Useful Information

Celebrating Vice Provost Rozek!

After more than 40 years of leadership and service at Case Western Reserve University, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Charles Rozek is taking a much earned retirement beginning at the end of June leaving a lasting impact on the CWRU community. For two decades Chuck lead Grad Studies including founding our our annual student award ceremony, leading our Commencement diploma ceremonies, facilitating the creation of a professional development center, expanding opportunities for students, and much more. We wish Dean Rozek the best on his next chapter!

Commencement 2024

Nearly four hundred graduates were recognized on Friday, May 17 in the School of Graduate Studies diploma ceremony to join almost one thousand Master's and doctoral students who earned their degrees in August 2023, January 2024, and May 2024!

For those who did not attend Commencement and did not pick up from the Graduate Studies office, all remaining diplomas are being mailed to the student's Diploma Mailing Address on file with the UniversityAll academic and financial obligations must be resolved for diplomas to be released.

Later this summer video of our ceremony will be posted to the University's YouTube channel.

University Resources

Please be aware of University Resources you can share with your students as needed. We will highlight a few each month.