How to Ensure Your Application is Complete and Ready for Review

Complete Application Checklist

The application for the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University opens each year in March. You can create your account here at the Central Application Service for Anesthesiologist Assistants (CASAA), and start your application as soon as it opens. To ensure your application is reviewed in a timely manner, you want to make sure your application is marked complete by CASAA and verified.

Follow the six steps outlined below or download our handy infographic to ensure your application is complete and ready for our admissions committee!

Step 1. Finish the Personal Information section in CASAA.

Once you've created your account in CASAA and selected the MSA Program at Case Western Reserve University, you should start your application by filling in your personal information. There are six areas to be completed within this section, and it should take no longer than 30 minutes to enter your information.

Step 2. Request three recommendation letters.

For a complete application, you'll need three recommendation letters, or evaluations, submitted on your behalf online. You can make the requests to your three evaluators directly from CASAA. We suggest selecting Individuals who not only know you well but can attest to your readiness for the program and can speak to your strengths (professors, advisors, work or volunteer healthcare supervisors). We highly recommend following up with your evaluators to ensure they received the request, and have submitted the evaluations.

Step 3. Write your personal statement.

The prompt is straightforward: explain your motivation for selecting a career in healthcare and, specifically, why you're interested in becoming a CAA. We recommend writing at least three paragraphs in response, and carefully proofreading before submitting your statement.

Step 4. Request your official transcripts.

Though you will enter your transcripts manually in the Academic History section, you'll need to request official transcripts from all of the colleges you've attended for your application to be considered complete. It can take several days for a transcript request to be processed—so make the request now rather than later!

Step 5. Complete the CASPer Test and Snapshot

Applicants must complete the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics, or CASPer test,  and the CASPer Snapshot add-on for their application to be considered complete. CASPer is an online assessment that can only be taken once per cycle. The scores are valid for one year. There is no minimum score required, but successful completion of CASPer is required in order to maintain admission eligibility. Snapshot can be taken at any time after registering for the CASPer Test.

Step 6. Request your MCAT or GRE scores.

Just like your transcripts, you will self-report your MCAT or GRE score in the Academic History section—but your application won't be considered complete by the MSA Program until your official scores post to your account. Those who have taken the MCAT must make a request through the AAMC Score Reporting System. Please be aware this process can take 10-12 days. GRE scores are submitted electronically to CASAA directly from ETS by using Case Western Reserve University school code which can be found on the standardized test section of the application.

All prospective students are encouraged to submit their application materials by the early decision deadline in October. The MSA Program will consider candidates on a rolling basis after the early decision deadline has passed, based on the number of seats available at each location. For more information on the application process, click here or contact us at