Recent Alums Reflect on How They Discovered the MSA Program

For many of our current students and alumni, discovering the certified anesthesiologist assistant profession is a revelation of sorts. In fact, many of our students aren’t aware of the profession until they begin to explore options beyond medical school.

Often, conversations with advisors or first-hand experiences at hospitals are a student’s first introduction. Below, three alums reflect on how they found the MSA Program—and when they realized it was the right fit for them.

Male certified anesthesiologist assistant student in suit

Nelson Essiet

Cleveland, Ohio
Class of 2018

“Throughout my undergraduate career I knew I wanted to work in medicine, but I was not sure which specialty I should choose. During my junior year, I had a great experience shadowing a certified anesthesiologist assistant and began to inquire more about the profession.

"I was very impressed with the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program, and I was intrigued by the idea of being able to receive hands-on learning experience.”

Female anesthesiologist assistant student in suit

Nina Wen

Houston, Texas
Class of 2018

“I knew I craved a career with patient interaction, and looked for alternative options. I first learned about the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program from a family friend. Upon further research, I realized that a career as a certified anesthesiologist assistant satisfied my passion for service, healthcare and patient interaction.

"My shadowing experience taught me that the most effective CAA serves as an advocate for the patient, especially when they are under anesthesia.”

Male certified anesthesiologist assistant student in suit

Kyle Smay

Washington, D.C.
Class of 2018

“Shortly after taking the MCAT, I received information from the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University that introduced me to the certified anesthesiologist assistant profession. After taking some time and considering what I wanted for my future, I decided to apply to the program because of my interest in anesthesia.

"Shadowing in the operating room confirmed my suspicion that this was the career for me.”

Shadowing Opportunities

The MSA Program strongly encourages all applicants to find shadowing opportunities with certified anesthesiologists assistants, anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists. Though shadowing opportunities are not required for application, these opportunities offer valuable insight into the day in the life of a CAA—and allow students like Nelson, Priscilla and Kyle to determine if this career path is the right fit for them.

The MSA Program can assist applicants in finding shadowing placements. Requests can be made through applicants’ personalized portal or by contacting the offices in Cleveland, Houston, or Washington, D.C.