Student Spotlight: Ariel Amman, Class of 2020

Friends taking in an game at Progressive Filed.

Hello, my name is Ariel Amman, and I am a second-year student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. I am originally from Michigan and completed a Bachelor of Science at Michigan State University, where I majored in human biology with a minor in bioethics. My initial plan was to go to medical school with a particular interest in anesthesiology. After taking the MCAT, I received an e-mail from the MSA Program, and after researching, I immediately knew this was the career for me. 

Moving to Cleveland was an exciting new adventure for me! I never lived outside of Michigan before. I was worried about moving to a city where I knew no one, but our class became close, very quickly. One of the great things about this program is that it is small enough where everyone gets to know each other really well, including our instructors, who are always great resources.

The incredible thing about Case Western Reserve University and the MSA Program is that while we are taking classes and learning about pharmacology and physiology, we are simultaneously in the clinical setting applying our education in real-time. It’s amazing to be able to learn didactically while also getting the hands-on application as reinforcement. As a second-year student, I am currently going through my specialty rotations including obstetrics, cardiac, and pediatrics. I am particularly passionate about obstetric anesthesia because I love applying regional anesthesia techniques, and being a part of this special time for the families. 

Cleveland is a great city to live in, with so many fun activities to do! The summer, especially, is a fun time here. Being right on Lake Erie is great. We often go kayaking or boating out on the lake, and come back to one of the many restaurants on the water. Another great place to explore is Little Italy, which is around where many of the students live. There are many little art shops, dessert places, and of course great Italian restaurants! I am so grateful to live in this cool city and to be a part of the MSA Program, where I have learned and grown an unbelievable amount this past year.

About this post: The Student Spotlight series highlights MSA students in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. The series is a student-led initiative, and is designed to share current student experiences with prospective students.