Student Spotlight: Chloe Roush, Class of 2019

Female anesthesiologist assistant charting

My name is Chloe Roush, and I am a second-year student in the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University in Houston, Texas. I am currently on my trauma rotation at the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

This rotation is an experience like no other. My shift begins when I checking in with the on-call team at 3:00 pm. The team consists of anesthesiology residents, attending anesthesiologists, and a certified anesthesiologist assistant student. When a trauma patient comes in, we race to an operating room that has already been set up. The team and I put the patient to sleep and intubate the patient. We place arterial lines, intravenous lines, and central lines if needed. Depending on the case, we may need to transfuse large amounts of blood and blood products throughout the surgery. My shift extends into the night, and ends at 7:00 am.

The program here in Houston allows me to be extremely hands-on in one of the top trauma hospitals in the country, and that’s what I love about it.

Now that our National Board Certification Exam is over, I have ample free time to enjoy the things I love about Houston. The food scene in Houston never disappoints and trying new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. The Montrose area is great for tasting new cocktails and exploring happy hour menus. My new favorite spot is Emmaline! I also recently attended one night of the Houston Rodeo. The rodeo lasts for three weeks in the spring each year, and has a performer each night. At the rodeo you can see bull riding, calf wrangling, and, the crowd favorite, mutton bustin’. Don’t forget to eat fried cookie dough and a turkey leg!

If the city life isn’t for you, you can pick fresh strawberries out in the country at Froberg Farms or enjoy the simple pleasures of Galveston beach, which is only fifty miles from the city.

About this post: The Student Spotlight series highlights MSA students in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. The series is a student-led initiative, and is designed to share current student experiences with prospective students.