Student Spotlight: Mwai Mutezo, Class of 2020

Mwai Mutezo and husband

My name is Mwai Mutezo and I’m a second year AA student at Case Western Reserve University in Houston, TX. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and graduated from THE University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology – Biomedical Sciences (BOOMER SOONER!). After undergrad, I completed four years of medical school but did not match to a residency. Shortly after that, I worked with traumatic brain injury patients in a post-acute rehab setting. It not only served as a daily reminder of my passion for healthcare but the patients motivated me to metaphorically turn my lemons into lemonade. After doing some research on the different physician extender career options, I found out about the role Anesthesiologist Assistants play in the perioperative setting. I reached out to a CWRU graduate who became an invaluable mentor in my application process.

Fast forward to two years later, I look back at my unusual, long and challenging road towards this career and it makes me grateful for every opportunity I have. There is something very humbling yet rewarding about knowing that what I’m learning has such a direct impact on others. Every day I have the privilege of applying didactic concepts in a clinical setting. I have so far completed general, trauma, cardiac and ambulatory rotations in some of the world’s leading medical institutions. My instructors include practicing AAs, Anesthesiologists, fellows and residents who are managing challenging disease states and pioneering cutting-edge procedures. The program itself is academically demanding and that is one of the many reasons I chose to attend CWRU, other reasons included the palpable collegial environment, the diversity of each class and the location.

My husband and I moved to Houston for the program and we are enjoying making this our new home. During my free time, I enjoy exploring the diverse Houston food scene from the food trucks to the many Zagat rated restaurants and everything in between. Another added advantage of this city is that there is no shortage of concerts, sports options, parks and museums.

Ultimately, I’m enjoying the rigor of the program, the city I live in and all the personal and professional growth I am experiencing. If I had to do this all over again, I would definitely apply to the MSA program earlier and I highly recommend anyone considering it, do so without hesitation.