Student Spotlight: Pavel Vaisberg, Class of 2020

Male anesthesiologist assistant student practicing intubation

My name is Pavel Vaisberg, I am a second-year Master of Science in Anesthesia student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

I was born in Belarus, a small Eastern European country, and moved to Columbus, Ohio when I was two years old. Several years later I discovered my love for science and helping people, and my path to becoming a physician began.

After high school, I attended The Ohio State University, where I majored in Biochemistry. My undergraduate years were spent preparing to apply to and attend medical school. During my final year, I decided that I wanted to make my application stronger and registered for a master’s program in Medical Physiology at Case Western Reserve. The amount of work that it took just to apply to medical school made me want to consider different life paths, and that is when I discovered the certified anesthesiologist assistant profession and this program.

Throughout my first year in the program, I had many experiences that made me confident that this was the right profession for me. I enjoy being hands-on and helping people, but at the same time I want to have the availability to have a life outside of work. This profession allows for this freedom and much more. There may be times where I will say to myself “what if,” but I always know that this was the right path for me. Not many people can say that they have seen or done the things I have, and it is rewarding to know that I did those things to make someone’s life better.

Since I was in a previous program at CWRU, I knew that I wanted to stay at the Cleveland location for the MSA Program. There is a large science community on campus with very smart students and faculty, and it makes you feel a part of something bigger. Step outside of campus, and there is something for everyone—from the vast amount of sporting events to incredible restaurants and museums. And, after a long week of class and clinicals, there are phenomenal bars and restaurants along Lake Erie to visit.

I have just finished my cardiac rotation at University Hospitals in Cleveland, and I am still shocked at what I have learned and am able to doing in the operating room. I have done things that used to be unbelievable to me, from placing the biggest IV’s to central lines and pulmonary artery catheters. The amount that I grew in a year is astonishing, and I would not have done any of it without this program. I cannot wait to see the anesthetist I become, thanks to the CWRU MSA Program here in Cleveland, Ohio.

About this post: The Student Spotlight series highlights MSA students in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. The series is a student-led initiative, and is designed to share current student experiences with prospective students.