Student Spotlight: Samantha Alper, Class of 2020

Samantha Alper, Class of 2020

My name is Samantha Alper and I’m a second year student at Case Western’s Master of Science in Anesthesia program in Houston Texas. I was born and raised in Houston and have been lucky enough to study close to home. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at Sam Houston State University in 2014. While in college, I began working in cell biology and aging research. Due to this interest, I made the decision to stay at Sam Houston and earn my Master of Science in Biology while continuing my passion for research. After graduation, I began working as a medical scribe in Houston’s own Texas Medical Center. This allowed me to enter the realm of medicine while figuring out what path I wanted to take to pursue my dreams. During my time as a scribe, I met a wonderful orthopedic surgery resident who introduced me to the anesthesiologist assistant profession. After discovering and learning more about Case Western’s MSA program, I was thrilled that there was a program that allowed to remain close to my family, friends, and fiancé. 

Being able to train at some of the country’s top institutions has been an incredible experience. One of my favorite rotations thus far has been my trauma rotation at Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center, which is a level 1 trauma hospital. This rotation really opened my eyes to the fast-paced, adrenaline-rushing, organized-chaos side of the operating room, which is very different from our day-to-day OR experience.

Houston is a wonderful city to live in- there’s always something to do! From walking along the many trails and parks, sporting events, concerts, and museums, you’ll never be bored!