Student Spotlight: Sierra Glass, Class of 2020

Female anesthesiologist assistant practicing with task trainer

My name is Sierra Glass, and I am a first-year student in the Masters of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

I began my studies at Kent State University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. I always felt a passion for healthcare, but never felt a calling to any specific area. I shadowed physicians, looked into pharmacy and medical schools, and conducted research at my undergraduate university, but it wasn’t until I received an email from the MSA Program and shadowed a certified anesthesiologist assistant that I felt confident about where my future in healthcare was.

As my first year in the program is winding down, I am amazed at how much I have learned. The program had us in the operating rooms a month into the program, which helped us to become comfortable in the anesthesia setting quickly. I went from fumbling around with putting monitors on to now feeling like a contributing part of the anesthesia team.

The best part of the program is the friendships I have made. Our class became close very quickly. The class sizes are small, but it offers a feeling of strong support that is so unique to this program. It’s a very humbling feeling to know everyone involved in the MSA Program wants to help you succeed.

Coming from a small university town just outside of Cleveland, I already felt familiar with the area. However, after joining the program, I was introduced to so much more in the city. There is always a new restaurant to try in Tremont or Downtown, a Cleveland team to root for, or a new exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art or Cleveland Museum of Natural History. I have lived in the Cleveland area my whole life, and am still finding new favorite places all over the city.

About this post: The Student Spotlight series highlights MSA students in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. The series is a student-led initiative, and is designed to share current student experiences with prospective students.