Welcome to the Class of 2022!

A screenshot of a Zoom meeting with rows of participants for the CWRU MSA program’s 2020 orientation.
A glance at what this year’s orientation looked like online (and see? Everyone is awake!)

After 50 years of educating world-class certified anesthesiologist assistants, we know that a diversity in background and interests creates grounded, engaged, and compassionate professionals, and this year’s class is no exception! 

Hailing from 18 different states, multiple countries, cities and farms, our new students encompass dozens of academic backgrounds from core scientific fields to business administration and education. And no matter what their hometown or professional background, all of our Class of 2022 students have shown a nearly-lifelong interest in medicine, healthcare, or service. This year’s class encompasses teachers and tutors, lab scientists and research technicians, pharmacy techs, EMTs, medical scribes, community and hospital volunteers, athletes, and at least one certified rescue diver! Who knows what other talents and interests we’ll learn about over the next few years?

In fact, one important thing we’ve already learned is how dedicated they are! This year’s class began their CAA training in truly unprecedented times. Faculty and staff from all three locations noted their positivity and enthusiasm, especially since working remotely with video calls isn’t the easiest way for an orientation, but our new class seemed to take it in stride (and stayed awake, which, as Executive Program Director Joe Rifici pointed out, was particularly impressive and possibly a program first!). 

So welcome, Class of 2022 and congratulations on these first few weeks! We are so proud and excited to have you with us, and we are looking forward to what will surely be a very interesting year!