MSA Students Attend ASA Annual Conference in New Orleans

Student Leaders at ASA

Each year the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) hold their annual conference for anesthesia providers and students. This year's conference was held in New Orleans, with incredible keynote speakers, exhibits, and meetings. The ASA offers continued education, and networking opportunities, as well as provides a platform for anesthesia providers and students to come together to discuss important topics and new scientific discoveries within the practice of anesthesia.
Ethan Vaughn, a second-year student in Houston, shared his experience from the ASA conference. On Saturday, students experienced a full day of speakers, lectures, and networking. "The keynote speaker, Mick Ebling, kicked off the event with a very impactful talk on helping others." Sunday was just as eventful with more learning opportunities, and lecturers. Ethan mentioned sitting in on a lecture from Dr. Raja from Texas Medical Center. "Her presentation was over the continuation/discontinuation of Direct Oral AntiCoagulants as part of a 4 person panel covering DOACs." Later that day he had the opportunity to attend the Texas ASA committee meeting where he was able to learn about issues directly affecting the state and nation. On Monday, students finished up the conference by learning about the behind the scenes support from the Doctors at Care team and CAA based meetings. 
The ASA conference gave students incredible experiences and opportunities to learn more about the field they are working in and network with anesthesia providers. Students even got to spend some time experiencing the city of New Orleans. Overall, Ethan said, "it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to attend ASA and I can confidently say it exceeded my expectations!" 
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