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Updated August 15, 2023

Top Ten Reasons Why CAA Students Choose CWRU

You know a little something about certified anesthesiologist assistants (CAAs), but how can you decide which program is the best? Two of the most important questions to ask when choosing a certified anesthesiologist assistant program are: Will I learn how to think critically and develop confidence in my decision-making abilities? Will my clinical exposure be sufficiently diverse?

Our credo is that you learn more by making decisions than by watching someone else make decisions. We give you the support that enables you to make decisions. Come here, and you will be taught to think critically and act decisively. Diversity of clinical exposures is the basis of our program. We firmly believe that the broad-based exposure to different patient populations and hospital systems that occurs during training at CWRU will provide you a foundation for success in your future career.

We asked our students why they chose CWRU, and here’s what they said.

1. CWRU's reputation

  • CWRU ranks among the nation’s top 25 medical schools in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. Employers trust the CWRU name and know that its CAA Program also has a long reputation for excellence.
  • Since the start CAAs have been learning at CWRU - that's more than 50 years - so no place is better at helping students become valued professionals. All CWRU sites have one vision: to train the best non-physician anesthesia providers in the world.
  • We offer challenging, innovative instruction. The program is hard work, but students emerge well prepared.

2. Large network of hospital affiliations

  • Elective rotations are offered at your choice of more than 80 hospitals across the US, many of which are recognized as the most accomplished institutions in healthcare.

3. Hands-on training and early OR exposure

  • The highlight of our program is the outstanding clinical training each student receives. Hands-on training in the OR begins in your first month.

4. Outstanding job placement

  • Nearly 100% of our students have job offers before graduation.
  • Employers seek out CWRU students knowing they are well prepared.

5. Skill, competence, and confidence received

  • Our quality faculty knows that hands-on experience is the best way to learn. Early OR exposure gives students confidence.
  • We offer focused training in all areas of anesthesia, including clinical regional anesthesia. We continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of clinical medicine, education, and anesthesiology.

6. Smaller class size

  • We keep our class size small to ensure that our students can start their hands-on training immediately and be paired one-on-one with a CAA or anesthesiologist in the OR.

7. Early graduation allows students to be in the marketplace before others

  • Our program is 24 months long. Most of the other AA programs are 27 months. You can graduate earlier than other CAA students, have a better selection of jobs, and can start making a comfortable living sooner.

8. Positive shadowing experience

  • Many of our students realized they wanted to attend CWRU after shadowing a CAA at one of our program locations. Come visit us, I know you’ll be impressed with what CWRU has to offer.

9. Four program locations

  • Our main campus in Cleveland, OH is in the heart of University Circle, a scenic, cultural epicenter. Our clinical and didactic faculty are outstanding teachers, clinicians, and mentors.
  • Our Houston, TX campus is located near Texas Medical Center, one of the largest medical centers in the world. It offers our students many opportunities to complete clinical rotations at top-tier hospitals.
  • Our Washington, DC campus is located in our nation’s capital, one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Our primary clinical affiliate is MedStar Washington Hospital Center, the most comprehensive Level I Trauma Center in the area.
  • Our newest location in Austin, TX is located near Round Rock, just 15 miles north of Austin. The city is also home to Baylor Scott and White, the primary rotation site for our Austin cohort.

10. Leadership and staff

  • Our students can count on the people in DC, Houston, Cleveland, and, Austin. They're with you celebrating the milestones and they'll be there on random days when you need a boost.

The combination of an excellent clinical environment and strong academics make our training one of the best, and CWRU students graduate to be some of the best-prepared CAAs in the country. Many take on leadership roles and become active advocates for the CAA profession. Our alumni are chief anesthetists, program directors, clinical instructors, and front-line practicing certified anesthesiologist assistants. When considering what the best program out there is for becoming a CAA, look no further than Case Western Reserve University!

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