Class Leaders

Case Western Reserve University Master of Science in Anesthesia students with sign reading American Society of Anesthesiology

For more than fifteen years, the Master of Science in Anesthesia Program at Case Western Reserve University has offered second-years the opportunity to take on leadership roles in Cleveland, Houston, and Washington. These roles include student chiefs; student representatives to the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants and legislative advocates to the American Society of Anesthesiologists; biomedical graduate student organization representatives; and legislative advocates.

The number of student leaders varies by year and, depending on the location, students may either be nominated by the faculty or elected by their peers.

These leadership roles exemplify the importance of advocacy at Case Western Reserve University, and are key opportunities for future anesthetists to have a voice in their professional organizations and to network with leaders across the field and colleagues across the School of Medicine.

First Name Last Name Class of Location Leadership Role
Michael Leung 2024 Austin Student Chief
Angela McCluster 2024 Austin Student Chief
Jessica Davis Gunn 2023 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Jialei Meh 2023 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Ethan Vaughn 2023 Houston Student Chief
Alexi Krause 2023 Houston Student Chief
John Skaggs 2023 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Beck Lundeen 2023 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Myles Parker 2023 Cleveland Legislative Representative
Spencer Dechert 2023 Cleveland Legislative Representative
Elizabeth Walcutt 2023 Cleveland Student Chief
Yuling(Bill) Ding 2023 Cleveland Student Chief
Kerri Wong 2023 Washington DCAAA Representative
Reilly Haas 2023 Washington DCAAA Representative
Helena Guo 2023 Washington AAAA Representative
Ruth  Bartel 2023 Washington AAAA Representative
Jonathan Qiao 2023 Washington Legislative Representative
Rosa Scholl 2023 Washington  Legislative Representative
Inga Winkelmen 2023 Washington Student Chief
Timothy  Olukanni 2023 Washington Student Chief
Meghan Mock 2022 Houston Student Chief
Elizabeth  Rugutt 2022 Houston Student Chief
Thomas Stancato 2022 Houston Student Chief
Diana Bui 2022 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Curtis Stegman 2022 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Alexandr Bokatch 2022 Cleveland Student Chief
Baylee White 2022 Cleveland Student Chief
Matej Turk 2022 Cleveland Legislative Representative 
Jennifer Mummah 2022 Cleveland Legislative Representative
Libby Jubas 2022 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Edward Duarte 2022 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Pierce Kurek 2022 Washington Student Chief
Jenna Gardner 2022 Washington Student Chief
Ben Trieu 2022 Washington Legislative Representative
Parker Leduc 2022 Washington Legislative Representative
Alejandro Castillo 2022 Washington AAAA Representative
Ryan Whitehouse 2022 Washington AAAA Representative
Taryn Arcarese 2021 Cleveland Student Chief
Feras Banna 2021 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Christopher Hager 2021 Cleveland Student Chief
Taylor Holewinski 2021 Cleveland Professional Advocacy Representative
Alexandra Kwit 2021 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Maureen Madar 2021  Cleveland Professional Advocacy Representative
Kasie Feck 2021 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Courtney Graff 2021 Houston Student Chief
Lance Lagunzad 2021 Houston Student Chief
Alan Rivera 2021 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Jana Choberka 2021 Washington Student Chief
Austin Levi 2021 Washington AAAA Representative
Adria  Shelley 2021 Washington Student Chief
Chloe Starr 2021 Washington ASA Representative
Nathan Zack 2021 Washington Student Chief
Stephanie Zunini 2021 Washington ASA Representative
Ariel Amman 2020 Cleveland Professional Advocacy Representative
Adriel Crispo 2020 Cleveland Student Chief
Jaclyn Fleener 2020 Washington Professional Advocacy Representative
Tedra Hall 2020 Houston Student Chief
Brijette Gray 2020 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Payam Ghaderi 2020 Houston Professional Advocacy Representative
Alexis Lambros 2020 Washington Legislative Advocate
Anh Le 2020 Houston Student Chief
Kevin Mayes 2020 Washington Professional Advocacy Representative
Brooke McDonald 2020 Washington Legislative Advocate
Josiah McFarland 2020 Washington Student Chief
Mallory Mews 2020 Cleveland Professional Advocacy Representative
George Patterson 2020 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Brett Siemon 2020 Washington Student Chief
Jose Yap 2020 Cleveland Student Chief
Madeline Deabler 2019 Cleveland Student Chief
Maria Fortner 2019 Washington Student Chief
Amanda Galambos 2019 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Rhiannon Hainds 2019 Washington Legislative Advocate
Emily Mycyk 2019 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Catherine Olumba 2019 Washington Legislative Advocate
Amy Patel 2019 Houston AAAA Representative
Trena Pilegaard 2019 Washington AAAA Representative
Mohammad Pradhan 2019 Washington AAAA Representative
Jonathan Rifici 2019 Cleveland Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Representative
Jonathan Runnels 2019 Houston AAAA Representative
Nicholas Simpson 2019 Cleveland Student Chief
Kevin Sistani 2019 Washington Student Chief
Nathan Sosebee 2019 Houston Student Chief
Joiesah Sunga 2019 Houston Student Chief
Adlai Arandela 2018 Houston AAAA Representative
Sabin Dolino 2018 Houston AAAA Representative
Michael Hegarty 2018 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Leah Matalon 2018 Washington Student Chief
Arin Miller 2018 Washington Student Chief
Abigail Moore 2018 Washington Legislative Advocate
Charlie Phung 2018 Houston Student Chief
Eric Rydalch 2018 Houston Student Chief
Jacob Schick 2018 Washington Legislative Advocate
Philip Secrist 2018 Houston Legislative Advocate
Kyle Smay 2018 Washington AAAA Representative
Alex Solt 2018 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Amy Song 2018 Houston Student Chief
Connor Sullivan 2018 Cleveland Student Chief
Aleksander Thomas 2018 Cleveland Student Chief
Haley Woodward 2018 Washington AAAA Representative
Shaina Babar 2017 Houston Student Chief
Jeffrey Cheng 2017 Cleveland Student Chief
Sabrina Cirino 2017 Washington Student Chief
Steven Cox 2017 Washington Student Chief
Ashley Dellimuti 2017 Houston AAAA Representative
Domenic DeRobertis 2017 Washington Student Chief
Daniel Dozier 2017 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Alexandra Fine 2017 Washington Student Chief
Justin Garrett 2017 Houston Student Chief
Eric Klinedinst 2017 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Ben Morgan 2017 Houston AAAA Representative
Jessica Sabers 2017 Washington AAAA Representative
Erin Van Winkle 2017 Washington AAAA Representative
Carrie Westfall 2017 Cleveland Student Chief
Aaron Abromowski 2016 Cleveland Student Chief
Erica Bamgbopa 2016 Washington AAAA Representative
Matt Blahunka 2016 Cleveland AAAA Representative
AJ Browning 2016 Houston Student Chief
Christine Chen 2016 Houston AAAA Representative
Luis de Carvalho Leao 2016 Cleveland Student Chief
Meghan Fuller 2016 Houston AAAA Representative
Zach Jones 2016 Houston Student Chief
Adam Khalid 2016 Washington Student Chief
Randi Neubeck 2016 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Lauren Stainbrook 2016 Washington Student Chief
Ashley Steinbach 2016 Washington Student Chief
Britany Thomas 2016 Washington AAAA Representative
Whitney Ankrum 2015 Houston AAAA Representative
Emily Bowling 2015 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Sherry Cucci 2015 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Camille Dittmar 2015 Washington AAAA Representative
William Filbey 2015 Washington Student Chief
Lindsay Frey 2015 Washington Student Chief
Emily Gutschenritter 2015 Houston AAAA Representative
Stephen Hunt 2015 Houston Student Chief
Daryl Jacob 2015 Washington AAAA Representative
Rebecca Keating 2015 Cleveland Student Chief
Kelly Lay 2015 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Sam Lee 2015 Washington Student Chief
Janin Rose 2015 Washington Student Chief
Stephen Schreiner 2015 Houston Student Chief
Michael Steiner 2015 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Patrick Ashiru 2014 Houston Student Chief
Kayla Bober 2014 Houston Student Chief
Inga Davis 2014 Cleveland Student Chief
Amanda Kessel 2014 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Rebecca Morgan 2014 Houston AAAA Representative
Thao Nguyen 2014 Houston AAAA Representative
Kate Novinc-Antes 2014 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Emma Shanine 2014 Cleveland Student Chief
Alex Steed 2014 Washington Student Chief
Ashley Sykes 2014 Houston Legislative Advocate
Samantha Yakey Evankovich 2014 Washington Student Chief
Deborah Agustin 2013 Houston Legislative Advocate
Juliette Burnham 2013 Cleveland AAAA Representative, Student Chief
Kathy Duong 2013 Houston Student Chief
Amanda Hardy Narducci 2013 Cleveland Student Chief
Michael Pippin 2013 Houston Student Chief
Laura Sanchez 2013 Houston AAAA Representative
Brian White 2013 Cleveland AAAA Representative, Student Chief
Brian Yeager 2013 Houston AAAA Representative
Lauren Barone 2012 Cleveland AAAA Representative
William Bell 2012 Houston Student Chief
Robert Denyer 2012 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Daniel Flath 2012 Houston AAAA Representative
Vivek Nair 2012 Houston Student Chief
Abby Rhoades 2012 Cleveland Student Chief
Justin Sona 2012 Houston AAAA Representative
Michael Vaughn 2012 Cleveland Student Chief
Brian Haskins 2011 Cleveland Student Chief
Erika Swanson 2011 Cleveland Student Chief
Nick Beastrom 2010 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Erin Bodnar 2010 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Jessica Lee 2010 Cleveland Student Chief
Christopher Schumann 2010 Cleveland Student Chief
Michael McDermott 2009 Cleveland Student Chief
Matt Ciotti 2008 Cleveland Student Chief
Mary Hladky Roberts 2008 Cleveland Student Chief
Alyson Finamore Chepla 2006 Cleveland AAAA Representative
Chris Caldwell 2005 Cleveland AAAA Representative

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