Teleneurology Assessment Program for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

This research program is designed to help improve the clinical assessment of prion disease cases, study caregiver wellbeing/burden, and improve national surveillance. Participants and study partners will undergo longitudinal videoconference research evaluations using the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom.

The multiple facets of TAPCJD are designed to improve various aspects of prion disease research. They are focused on:

  • improving the practice of diagnosing human prion diseases,
  • studying its natural history using remote methods, and
  • the evaluation of caregiver wellbeing/burden.

The Teleneurology Assessment Program will not assume clinical management of referred participants as it would result in the practice of medicine, which is beyond the scope of this research project. 

For more information please contact Katie Glisic ( or call our number (216) 368-0587.