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Contact and Shipping Information

Contact and Shipping Information

Contact and Shipping Information

General Instructions:

  • All specimens should be shipped using FedEx or UPS. Please, do not use USPS as this will cause delays in receiving your specimen. Samples should be shipped as priority overnight to arrive before 10:30am. All suspected CJD samples should be shipped by a person trained in shipping dangerous goods. These specimens, regardless of the type of specimen, should be shipped as a UN 3373, Category B material.
  • Please send a completed Test Request Form (PDF) with all specimens. The NPDPSC requires any available clinical information when sending tissue and/or blood to assist us in making the most accurate diagnosis possible. The NPDPSC is CLIA certified and fully compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Instructions by Type of Sample:

Blocks/Slides: Slides should be placed in plastic slide holders and mailed in a bubble wrap envelope. Blocks should be mailed in a bubble wrap envelope. A block list and / or slide list should be included for any samples sent. Additionally, a Test Request Form (PDF) is required to indicate whether a sample(s) is treated or not.

Blood: Ship at room temperature in protective bubble wrap or Styrofoam on the day the blood is collected. Please ship blood samples only and not deriviates (i.e., serum, plasma, etc.). The NPDPSC processes blood samples for special cases only, and all blood samples must be accompanied by a signed Testing and Reporting Policies Form as well as clinical and/or family history. Please contact the Center at 216-368-4684 for additional information.

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF): Ship double boxed using a Styrofoam container with sufficient dry ice (5 lbs/24 hrs).

Fixed Tissue: Fixed autopsy tissue should be sent using containers approved for UN3373. They should be wrapped in formalin soaked absorbent material with no excess formalin. Please see the Collaborator Packaging Instructions (PDF) for full packaging instructions.

Frozen Tissue: Tissue should be sent using containers approved for UN 3373 shipments with sufficient dry ice (5 lbs/24 hrs). Please include a signed Testing and Reporting Policies Form with frozen samples. The NPDPSC sequences the prion protein gene for all positive cases. Please see the Collaborator Packaging Instructions (PDF) for full packaging instructions. Contact the Center at 216-368-0587 for additional information.

NOTE: Frozen and Fixed tissue should be shipped using a UN 3373 approved container. Please send fixed and frozen tissue samples in separate containers to avoid freezing of the fixed tissue which results in artifacts.

A Prion Tissue Kit may be purchased from Berlin Packaging. Please use part number HMS-69255. The kit includes a separate box for fixed and frozen tissue, along with all required forms and labels.

All shipments should be addressed to:

Institute of Pathology
Case Western Reserve University 2085 Adelbert Road, Room 418 
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-4907
Tel: 216-368-0587

For More Information:

General and shipping questions can be directed to the NPDPSC at 216-368-0587 or by email at

PLEASE NOTE:The NPDPSC charges for CSF and genetic testing, as well as brain biopsy examinations, including Western blot and immunohistochemistry. Please, review the corresponding protocol pages for more information.