MD and PhD linkage agreements

Cells moving through a vein
CWRU School of Medicine MD Program

The Medical Student Admissions Committee at Case Western Reserve University is excited to foster connections with our Master of Science in Molecular & Cellular Pathology program and commits to providing guaranteed interviews to MD applicants from our program who satisfy the following benchmarks:

  • Undergraduate GPA ≥ 3.4
  • Pathology program GPA of ≥ 3.5
  • MCAT score ≥ 515
  • Highest levels of personal and professional conduct

This opportunity is exclusively available to students who have not previously undergone interviews with the CWRU Medical Students Admissions Committee (MSAC). Nonetheless, the MSAC reserves the right to interview an applicant across multiple cycles if their application exhibits competitiveness.

It is crucial to emphasize that the MSAC evaluates all facets of an application and may opt to interview candidates who do not explicitly meet these criteria, especially if they showcase exceptional qualities in other areas.

CWRU Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

New! MCP Research track students who meet GPA and research experience criteria will receive guaranteed interviews with the CWRU School of Medicine's Biomedical Scientist Training Program (BSTP).