Community, Hand Describing Community

Does your community need a map made?

Do you think there is a problem that needs to be investigated?

Would you like to record the different perspectives on a plan or idea for your community?
Hopefully we can help.

Our research focuses on local environments -- for example around the home or in the community. However, we have always been mindful of why we do this type of work -- to try and identify how to reduce health disparities and generally improve the quality of life. A good illustration of this is with our recent work on Asthma. It was shocking for us to see how so many children in the same family suffer from the disease. By using our spatial video geonarrative method, which is a walk along, or drive along interview, we were able to map out the locations where those asthma attacks happen. We were also able show where these families go so that their children can enjoy themselves without having an attack. By listening to these families we better understood the problem, and also found potential solutions that could be shared with others.

This is because some of the most important insights and solutions come from those living in the community – and yet unfortunately their voice is often not heard.

That’s where we come in. We have developed a method to help capture that voice. 

We have worked with many different communities on topics ranging from community gardens to coastal land loss. These are not research topics – but rather a community inspired look at a situation important to them. 

If you, as a leader, a community member, or just a concerned resident, would like us to talk to you about your idea, make our equipment and methods freely available, and find the right student to partner with you to turn your idea into a map, and then a solution –please get in touch with us. We will help to the best of our ability.