School of Nursing Alumni Awards

A group of people gather in a large windowed atrium to celebrate the 2023 FPB Alumni Awards

Every year during the Case Western Reserve University Homecoming festivities, the Alumni Association of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing celebrates by bestowing the following awards to members of the alumni association. These awards include:

The Frances Payne Bolton Legacy Award

The Frances Payne Bolton Legacy Award, given at a the discretion of the dean of FPB School of Nursing, honors individuals and organizations for their contributions to the school, the profession of nursing and the community at large in the spirit of Frances Payne Bolton; health care advocate, philanthropist, Congresswoman and namesake of the School of Nursing.

The Award for Excellence

The Award for Excellence recognizes an alumna/us who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in nursing, and has made significant contributions in nursing or related areas of healthcare.

The Young Alumni Award for Excellence

The Young Alumni Award for Excellence recognizes an alumna/us who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in nursing and has made significant contributions in nursing or related areas of healthcare within 10 years or less of graduation from Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and the accomplishments are rooted in their education from the School of Nursing.

The Distinguished Alumni Award

The highest recognition given by the Alumni Association. Eligible alumni include those who have demonstrated continuous, outstanding, creative and exemplary contributions to the discipline of nursing or to healthcare or have made noteworthy contributions in other fields.

The President's Award

The President’s Award recognizes an outstanding alumna or alumnus selected by the president of the Alumni Association and the Alumni Awards Committee for exceptional service to nursing or various unique efforts—often at the grassroots level—which benefit nursing.

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Current Alumni Award Winners

Alumni Awards

2023 Distinguished Alumni Award

Frieda Chavez Alumni Awards 2023

Frieda Chavez (NUR '13)

Inaugural director of the Global Affairs Office at the University of Toronto's Bloomberg Nursing School.

2023 Award for Excellence

Adelais Markaki Alumni Awards 2023

Adelais Markaki (NUR '92, GRS '92, anthropology)

Professor and co-director of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Collaborating Centre for International Nursing at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, School of Nursing.

2023 Young Alumni Award for Excellence

Julia Blanchette Alumni Awards 2023

Julia Blanchette (NUR '14, GRS '20, nursing)

Lead nurse-scientist for Diabetes Care and Education at University Hospitals Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Care, and an assistant professor of medicine at CWRU


Alumni Research Awards
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We are pleased to invite applications for the FPB Alumni Association Research Awards. The association established these awards to support students with independent research projects.

Eligible to apply:

  • Current Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing MSN, DNP and PhD students
  • FPB Alumni who have graduated within the last three years and are in clinical practice (full or part-time)

The applicant must be the Principal Investigator for the study/project. Learn more in the award eligibility form. Those who are selected could be awarded up to $1,000 to support their research project.

Please make sure to download, fill out the form, then "Save as" a different filename in order to retain the information you've provided.

 Application deadline is April 1.

Research Awards: Up to $1,000

For questions, contact:

Support Alumni Association Research Grants

Give to the FPB Alumni Association Endowment Fund


Previous Alumni Awards Winners

View an archive of recordings of previous award ceremonies on the FPB YouTube channel.

Year Awardee Name
2020 Marian K. Shaughnessy, DNP '17, MSN '85 (posthumous)
2014 Charlene Phelps, '65


Year Name
2022 Sonya Moore, DNP '16
2020 Nancy H. Wagner, DNP '09
2017 Martha K. Swartz NUR '77
2016 Michael E. Zychowicz, DNP ’06


Year Name
2022 Zeyana Al Ismaili, MSN '15
2020 Pamela Slaven-Lee, DNP '08
2017 Kirstyn M. Kameg DNP ‘08
2016 Diana R. DeBartolomeo Mager, DNP ‘09


Year Name
2022 Jaclene Zauszniewski, PhD '92, MSN '89
2020 Judy E. Davidson, DNP '08
2019 Carol Roe, MSN '79
2016 Margaret A. Fitzgerald, DNP ‘06
2015 John M. Clochesy, GRS ‘93
2013 Adeline M. Nyamathi, PhD ’83
2012 Geraldine McCarthy, PhD '94, MSN '90
2011 Mary Beth Happ, '88
2010 Patricia Gorzka, '64
2009 Lynore Dutton DeSilets, ’64
2008 Shirley Mason Moore, ’93, ’91
2007 Linda Q. Everett, '85
2006 James E. Hovey, '94
2006 Russell C. Swansburg, '52
2005 Mary E. Kerr, '91
2004 Donna Lee Algase, '88
2004 Greer Lita Glazer, '79, '84
2003 Mary Lou V. Stricklin, '77
2002 Judith Shamian, '88
2001 Sharon L. Tennstedt, ‘77
2000 Barbara L. Nichols, ‘66
1999 Charlene Phelps, ‘65
1998 Betty Smith Williams, ‘54
1997 Doris Matherny Modly, ‘57, ‘77, ‘87
1996 Ruby L. Wilson, ‘59
1995 Carol L. Schaffer, ‘79
1994 Carol A. Lockhart, ‘65
1993 Laura C. Dustan, ‘43
1992 Thelma J. Wells, ‘70
1991 Patty L. Hawken, ‘62
1990 Carrie B. Lenburg, ‘58, ‘60
1989 Mara M. Baun, ‘70
1988 Elizabeth L. Grossman, ‘47
1987 Judith A. Sullivan, ‘67
1986 May L. Wykle, ‘62, ‘69, ‘81
1985 Ruth M. Anderson, ‘45, ‘54
1984 Jeanette Miller Lancaster, ‘69
1983 Susan Reichert Gortner, ‘57
1982 Catherine Parker Anthony, ‘32, ‘53+
1981 Geraldine Gleason Price, ‘53
1980 Lillian Sholtis Brunner, ‘47
1979 Rita K. Chow, ‘55
1978 Marlene Kramer, ‘58+
1977 Helen M. Tobin, ’49, ‘57
1976 Virginia E. Cleland, ‘49+
1975 Edith Patton Lewis, ‘39
1974 Alene B. Duerk, ‘48
1973 Evelyn Burns Burke, ‘30+
1972 Valencia N. Prock, ‘53
1971 Martha Pitel, ‘46
1970 Dorothy Mereness, ‘41+
1969 Olga Benderoff, ‘28+
1968 Margene Faddis, ‘29+

+ Deceased

Year Name
2016 Catherine Lindenberg, BSN’66