Day of Giving

Nursing students working in a procedure lab test scenario.

Your Impact

June 8, 2021, is Case Western Reserve University’s 9th annual ALL IN Together Day of Giving. More than just a 24-hour campaign, Day of Giving is an exciting opportunity to impact scholarships, research and programming at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

Your gifts have made such an impact, especially during this past year. Our school of nursing continues to be a dominant and progressive voice in our field because of the support and generosity of our alumni and friends.

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Your Gifts Make A Difference

Annual Fund
Nursing students wearing PPE work in a clinical lab class in fall 2020.

The strength of our school of nursing community has persisted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our school effectively adapted to our changing world to continue to provide an exceptional education to our students.

Unrestricted donations are fundamental in sustaining the effectiveness of our faculty, the relevance of our research and the progress of our students. Flexible, immediate and far-reaching, a donation to the FPB Annual Fund allows use to respond to the greatest current and emerging needs.

Our school of nursing remains a dominant and progressive voice in our field because of the support and generosity of our alumni and friends. Thank you for prioritizing FPB in your past and future philanthropy.

Flight Nursing Program
Students in a critical care transport nursing simulation at the 2019 Flight Summer Camp.

Students who enroll at our school’s flight nursing specialty are immersed in a comprehensive emergency and critical care transport curriculum at the Dorothy Ebersbach Academic Center for Flight Nursing and in the Callahan Family Emergency and Critical Care Center. These robust centers provide specialized, high-fidelity learning opportunities in research, initial licensure and continuing education, as well as advanced simulation for nurse practitioners in ground and helicopter transport environments.

Our program prepares students for the critical care transport environment, including necessary critical thinking and advanced procedural capabilities for managing acute, emergency and critically ill or injured patients in out-of-hospital environments. But we’re taking the next step and are in the process of enhancing our capabilities to include a pediatric focus for critical and transport.

We are working on expanding virtual reality (VR) experiences to include greater opportunities of simulation in care delivery and specific procedural experience (endotracheal intubation, chest tube insertion, arterial cannulation, etc.). Having this heightened VR component will be incredible for students to practice at home before coming to our lab, maximizing their preparation and improving learning outcomes.

By facilitating VR simulations, we can grow our program for students and supplement annual continuing education requirements across healthcare disciplines and to promote FPB as a school with cutting edge opportunities for learners.

Strong Together Fund
Nursing students practicing intubation and bagging a patient.

“Your generosity provided protection during a time of vulnerability and allowed our students to remain at the bedside where they learn best,” Angela Arumpanayil, DNP, RN, AGACNP, CCRN, CNE, critical care and simulation instructor said of the assistance from the FPB Strong Together Fund.

Last year, we announced the FPB Strong Together Fund, which supports initiatives and action items related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we round the corner on the pandemic, we continue to learn and adapt our programs to suit the needs of a post-COVID world.

The university plans to resume full capacity in Fall 2021, but we know that things remain changeable. We are committed to ensuring that our students learn in an environment where they feel safe and productive. While our curriculum remains rooted in immersive, practical education designed to provide real-world experience, we have to acknowledge that a future crisis could necessitate another pivot. By continuing the FPB Strong Together Fund, we continue to support digital clinical simulations, technology innovations and applications, research support and student assistance.

One of the greatest assets of the FPB Strong Together was the acquisition of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for our students, who were some of the few permitted on CWRU’s campus this past year. At the start of the pandemic, the health sciences schools, including FPB, donated their stores of PPE to local hospital systems and clinics overwhelmed with COVID patients and in need of PPE.

As we planned our return to campus in Fall 2020, we needed to replenish our PPE offerings and add additional layers of protection to our students to use on campus during their in-person lab work and in clinical settings.

“Thank you for your support of our students and the generous gift of personal protective equipment. Your gifts allowed our students to continue their clinical education at a time when everything was so uncertain,” said Mary Franklin, DNP, CNM, FACNM, assistant professor and director of the midwifery and women’s health nurse practitioner programs.

By enabling our students to safely remain on campus and learning, the FPB Strong Together Fund supported critical services so that our graduates are comfortable and confident with caring for patients from day one of their professional nursing careers.