FPB Mission & Vision


The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University creates and empowers nurse leaders who develop and implement innovative and interprofessional research, education, and practice activities that make a positive difference in the health of individuals and communities.


Our vision is to be recognized globally as an academic community of excellence that builds on our strengths and traditions to provide leadership in nursing research, education, and practice in evolving, interprofessional health and scientific communities.

Philosophy Statement


  • We educate students to become professional nurses committed to lifelong learning. 
  • We develop dynamic leaders in nursing and healthcare whose expertise, skills, and goodwill reach across the globe.  
  • We prepare and support clinicians, educators, and scientists to advance the discipline of nursing. 
  • We conduct research and develop theory to build knowledge within nursing and across disciplines. 
  • We lead interprofessional collaboration, develop community and global partnerships, and seek opportunities to contribute to the holistic health needs of our patients and communities.


  • To equip individuals for inclusive, non-judgmental, empathetic human caring.
  • To demonstrate passion for learning, scholarship, inquiry, and service to advance nursing practice and the health and wellness of individuals and populations.


  • We boldly propel the discipline of nursing forward through a culture of inclusive leadership and through advocacy, research, and inquiry to transform practice and advance equitable health policy and nursing knowledge.
  • We provide dynamic education to anticipate and address local and global healthcare needs including social drivers of health and environmental concerns. We develop influential leaders in nursing and health-related organizations, nationally and internationally.
  • We use best practices of instruction and integrate novel technology to educate students.  We support their development as professional nurses committed to excellence in ethical practice, leadership, and inquiry; life-long learning, interprofessional collaborative practice, and respect for others.

For whom?

  • We do this for our students, the discipline of nursing, and the health of individuals and populations inclusive of their circumstances and intersectional identities. 

Approved by faculty of Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 12/4/2023.